Benefits of Pursuing an Executive MBA (EMBA) for Working Professionals

Executive MBA for working professionals

Students and professionals are looking for the best online MBA programs as they approach the season of MBA enrollment. While the past year has been confined to our homes, it has changed our outlook toward higher education. The internet and related technologies allow us to continue living normal lives while protecting us from the pandemic. The internet has provided many new opportunities for education and made it clear that our options aren’t so limited, especially for professionals.

Executive MBA for working professionals and distance programs have been popular options for a long time. This article will discuss the benefits of Executive MBAs and how they can help you advance your career.

Executive MBAs (EMBAs) are designed for working professionals who want to combine their work experience with new learnings to advance their careers. This program is open to professionals with at least five years of experience. These programs are for those who wish to be in senior management or have already held a managerial position.

Let’s talk about some of the benefits of pursuing an executive MBA (EMBA) for working professionals – 

  1. Enhances your management skills.

Executive MBAs include many more case studies and industry insight in their curriculum. This helps professionals develop competency in project and people management. Assignments are designed to encourage and challenge candidates to apply their knowledge to understand their roles better. Candidates are taught to think strategically and find the most effective problem-solving strategies. 

Executive MBAs allow you to combine your learning and experience with being more effective at work. An MBA will help you better navigate the many crossroads in your professional career, whether managerial or other skills.

  1. This aligns you better with your company goals.

Many companies sponsor high-ranking employees with executive MBAs. It would be hard to believe what the benefits are for them. Your degree is also beneficial to the company. Many companies require employees to work for a set number of years if they have a sponsored MBA. The company reaps the benefits of the newly acquired skills once the professionals return to work. In this instance, the return on investment is often very high.

  1. Strengthens Your Network.

The executive MBA (EMBA) cohort often represents the crème de la crème of the corporate world. This peer group will help you stay focused and connect with the best professional minds. You will join a global network of managers from different industries. There will be opportunities to share business problems and solutions as well as exchange ideas and opinions. This will allow you to connect with more resourceful professionals, learn from them, and also make it possible to reach out to them for future reference.

  1. Allows you to experience an immersive environment

Executive MBAs require that students be active participants on and off-campus. Students are expected to fully engage in campus activities and be fully engaged in the campus experience. Executive MBAs offer classes on weekends, but students are encouraged to apply their learnings to their professional lives.

  1. Get ready for a promotion

An executive MBA at a well-respected institution will increase your chances of promotion. Companies recognize the value of an executive MBA and pay accordingly. After you have completed your EMBA degree, not only will your employer recognize this added value, but all other players on the market. Companies often offer employees a variety of perks, in addition to a substantial increase in their salary. Essentially, an EMBA will enhance your company’s position and place you at the top of the leadership ladder.

  1. Exposure 

Executive MBA programs for working professionals provide exposure to various aspects that will enhance learning and add value. This can come in the form of either industry visits, the practical application of theory, projects, or international exposure through exchange programs, projects, or rural immersion programs. These opportunities are provided by the top B-schools or best institutes for MBA that offer full-time Executive MBA programs.

  1. Flexible study mode

Executive MBA (EMBA) study can be done at any length and suit your needs. You can choose between Full Time or Part Time. The duration of the courses can vary from one year to three years, depending on which model you choose. Part-time Executive MBA (EMBA) classes are usually held on weekends. Another method of course delivery is online and video lectures. Students must visit campus at least once per term. Executives have many options, depending on their availability and commitment.

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IBMR B School – Top B School in Delhi NCR

IBMR is one of the best colleges for an Executive MBA in Gurgaon. It is a great option if you’re looking to get a degree in Executive MBA (EMBA) to advance your career. Every year, this program is taken by leaders from all industries. You can enroll to engage in executive learning and advance your career.

Study at IBMR – One of the Best MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR

Study at IBMR

Many industry enthusiasts and aspiring MBA or BBA students spend a significant amount of time and money looking for the ideal BBA college to enroll themselves in. Before making a decision, students can look for higher education characteristics such as outstanding faculty and a supportive infrastructure. Thanks to a well-balanced mix of all these essential elements and innovative and impressive teaching techniques, IBMR is regarded as one of the best MBA colleges in Delhi NCR. So, if you’re looking for MBA colleges in Delhi NCR, IBMR is your one-stop destination for obtaining a world-class and recognized education and advancing your career. Not only does IBMR strive to teach subject excellence, but it also strives to develop both students’ individual and leadership skills to help them flourish in the global business mainframe and life in general.

Are you curious about what else IBMR has to offer? Learn about IBMR’s mission and vision- IBMR is one of the best management colleges in Delhi, NCR.

IBMR aims to construct a fundamentally student-centric and student-friendly world in which the learner can absorb the most from the vast areas of modulation. The faculty is made up of learned and accomplished professors who teach righteousness virtues in addition to academic excellence. IBMR’s vision is to educate educated people who gain philosophical clarity on the theoretical side of business and research and accept the faculty’s moral and ethical values. These students will achieve economic success and will be able to revolutionize the country’s corporate sector. In this project, IBMR seeks to hire the most curious learners and out-of-the-box thinkers to improve their business skills.

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IBMR is a Gurgaon-based MBA college that ensures success in a global business environment. Here’s How

With the faculty’s discerning eye and close study of the developing world situation, IBMR designs an adequate and updated curriculum and syllabus for educating their students. Students learn from the best social occurrences and apply that empirical knowledge to their modules’ theoretical framework. By including students in various projects and presentations, IBMR promotes active interaction in classrooms and a related knowledge base. This nurtures and conditions their organic stimuli to react to the changing scenarios of the business field. IBMR expert provides a comfortable atmosphere in which students can ask questions and explain their problems by using a mixed approach to learning

Teachers foster their curious nature and give assessments and guidance to ensure their success in the subject.

How IBMR outperforms other MBA colleges in Delhi NCR

What advantages does the IBMR offer?

IBMR is amongst the MBA colleges in Delhi that offers numerous advantages. This covers foreign language coaching, a unique teaching pedagogy, an introduction to specialized modules, live projects, mentorship, industry workshops, ice-breaking sessions, and many more.

These educational efforts allow students to be exposed to the world’s complex business sphere and get used to it. All of the elements and benefits offered by IBMR enable the student to move into India’s business world gradually. Furthermore, IBMR is affiliated with prestigious knowledge partners such as Bharathiar University, Mysore University, Staffordshire University, California Technology College, Partnership Franchise, India Management Consultant Institute, Maharshi Dayanand University, among several others.

IBMR Student Life – An Engaging Environment

IBMR aims to have a sense of fresh air and open green spaces through student-friendly amenities and comfortable living conditions. IBMR is one of the best MBA colleges in Delhi, NCR, with numerous opportunities for students. IBMR offers educational content and encourages participation in a variety of clubs and activities. Athletics, outings, weekends, outdoor visits, music, and cultural centers provide students with a sense of renewal. It allows them to develop their team spirit through in-house training and camps outside of college while also developing leadership and management skills. IBMR invests heavily in sports infrastructure, including both indoor and outdoor services. IBMR also encourages numerous student-run clubs, such as the Publicity Club, Human Resources Club, Investment Club, IT Club, Community Club, Newsletter Committee, and Select Committee, to help students develop their social and communication skills well as practical knowledge.

So, if you’re looking for one of the best MBA colleges in Delhi NCR, IBMR – the ultimate top management college in Delhi NCR – is a sure bet! IBMR is one of the best MBA colleges in Delhi, ensuring inevitable success in a global business environment.


Top 3 Reasons Why your Employer Prefers an EMBA Graduate?

executive MBA programs in India

One of the most pressing questions you will hear is “Why should we support your participation in the Executive MBA programs in India?

Thanks to the time and potential travel commitments an EMBA will ask of its participants, this is often a legitimate question whether your employer is considering sponsoring your course of study financially, or not.

Fortunately, Executive MBA programs in India not only advance you professionally but also provide numerous benefits to your company. Here are three ways in which your employer will always prefer you as an Executive MBA for Working Professionals.

Bringing Creative And Innovative Ideas To The Workplace
If you are pursuing an MBA for working professionals, it is expected that you present new ideas without inciting concern, dismay, or annoyance to your office. It is one of the upper skill that managers strive for.

The executive MBA programs in India allow the students to get introduced into the well-established company culture, and think according to the companies policies appropriately. The executive MBA programs in India not only will enable you to ponder new idea into the companys consciousness but also let you Start by getting management to agree to a particular observation or situation. You can perceive your concept in its logical outcome, get the skills to push forward your new idea in the eyes of the company and also ensure that employees also develop plans to promote growth.

executive MBA programs in India

An executive MBA program in India allows you to bring newly acquired classroom concepts, knowledge, and tools learned from peers and expert faculty to your workplace and apply them. At The IBMR Group of Institutions, we provide the students with the premier educational services providing the most on-demand Executive MBA programs in India. With campuses within the cities of Hubli, Bangalore, Ahmedabad & Gurgaon, we have a focused vision to take students to an unmatchable platform for career growth.

Creating A Better Leader
Another reason why your employer would want you to take up the Executive MBA programs in India is that it provides business coaching and leadership training throughout the program. It helps its participants to learn more about themselves and their managerial styles. Such development makes them more effective leaders on the job and in real-time.

You will encounter several leadership skills while pursuing your Executive MBA for Working Professionals to boost your career outcomes post-graduation, including:
• Communication – an essential ability for all, and especially for those in leadership positions, as you’ll need to be able to communicate with clients, employees, and superiors

• Confidence –You tend to become more confident when taking up Executive MBA programs in India. If you only have a minimal business background, you can become more confident in the knowledge of the business world as you’re employed through the program

• Analytic thinking – It’s essential to think analytically as a leader, especially when it comes to dissecting and understanding different areas of business. During an EMBA program, you’ll receive an overview of all business areas, providing students with working knowledge to make educated decisions within your company.

• Problem-solving skills – executive MBA programs in India can prove to be very helpful when problems arise, prompting you to use the problem-solving skills you’ve learned. The coursework on an executive MBA program in India allows students to research workplace issues that will well occur during your career. Such as analyzing case studies, learning from peers personal experiences, group projects, you’ll graduate better prepared to handle a good range of issues by taking up the MBA for working professionals.

executive MBA programs in India

Expanding Your Network Of Talent And Providing It To The Employer If you an MBA for working professionals, you tend to expand the business networks through global electives, experienced faculty as well as through an institution’s international student and alumni community. It allows them to form connections that will immediately help them in their current professional roles.

Alumni networks give graduates (and therefore the company they work for) a foundation to broaden your professional network all over the world. Being a member of an alumni network allows you to beat the common challenges associated with networking faced by executives.

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One of the top networking mistakes made by executives is not asking for help.
Alumni networks are set up to ensure support is readily available, so graduates don’t feel as though asking for help is inconveniencing anyone.

Graduates are going to be invited to conferences, discussion panels, and guest speaker events where they’re going to meet top executives and study the newest business insights. Alumni networks give members access to employees in top companies who are keen to offer assistance and guidance to others.

Best Online Executive MBA Programs in India for 2020: Which One Should You Choose?

Best Executive MBA Programs In India

During the past few months, technological advancements have transformed business and industry to a great extent—the impact of COVID-19 hitting people worldwide. The needs of modern workplaces have also become more advanced. And more and more employers are now looking to hire talent in leadership and management roles. This has resulted in a surge in the market demand for the best online MBA courses. The question still unmarked is – What is the best executive MBA programs in India?

So, if you want to advance your career with a degree in Executive MBA for Working Professionals, you can do so in a non-traditional way as well. However, the online courses offered by us offer flexibility to various distant learners as well. Working professionals also get the added advantage of learning at their own pace. Most of the Best Executive MBA Programs are accredited by top institutes like IBMR and attract faculty from globally renowned universities. Our accreditation assures that the content and delivery of the program would meet all your academic and professional standards.

Best Executive MBA Programs

IBMR (Institute of Business management and research offers a two-year MBA program with world-class accepted credentials. We have emerged as a popular choice among MBA aspirants. We are among the top per cent B-schools worldwide. We offer an online course that caters to your needs and is supplemented with dedicated mentorship and offline as well as online networking opportunities. Designed specifically for working professionals, it offers a great way to balance work and study life. Moreover, it promises learning and exposure that’s at par with on-campus MBA programs. The course also includes various networking avenues and one to one mentoring sessions.

Best Executive MBA Programs In India

Why should you go for online MBA courses?

As we notice that- In today’s competitive job market, an undergraduate degree is not enough. Employers seek highly qualified and skilled candidates who can bring work teams and corporations closer to their goals. A survey conducted shows that nearly 77 per cent of companies worldwide planned to hire MBA graduates in 2019. And that the most highly demanded to be the specialized business master’s graduates. We offer the Best Executive MBA Programs In India, which help you advance into a leadership role in your current organization. It can not only add to your knowledge and skill-set but also give you the confidence to make a career transition.

What are the Hiring trends for MBA CANDIDATES?

Various surveys conducted all around the world show that MBAs are required for multiple companies, including profit public companies and Fortune Global 100 entities are among the top recruiters. MBA graduates can not only be seen in more substantial corporations, but also they have to showcase their talent in various smaller organizations, startups, and nonprofits. There are different Leading industry sectors for MBA, like in energy and business consulting firms. Hence, if you find the best Online MBA degrees, you can correctly design and build your business acumen, and it will also aid you to excel as a manager and leader in your chosen career field. So, you’ll concentrate on a subset of business within your program. There are be various specialization as you’re your need like information technology, supply chain management, marketing, economics, etc.

Best Executive MBA Programs In India

What Are The Perks From Selecting Our Best Executive MBA Programs In India?

Now, allow us to see where all this working knowledge can take you. With online access to the Best Executive MBA Programs, you can choose to work across diverse economic sectors in a range of different roles. Below are some senior-level positions that will be within your reach with a complicated degree.

  • Marketing Manager: As a marketing manager, you manage and overlook the advertising, marketing, and sales efforts of an organization. Alternatively, you can be put in charge of a particular product or service. Advertising agencies also require marketing managers to work with content creators and market research analysts. Reporting to company executives about campaign success is additionally one of their job responsibilities.
  • Communications Directors: These professionals direct the general image of a corporation by implementing different messaging strategies. They coordinate PR, advertising, and social media activities by supervising news releases, organizing press conferences, and liaising with the media.
  • Director of Business Operations: They plan and implement strategies to make sure efficacy and efficiency in business operations. The Director of Business Operations collaborates with top executives and fellow managers to take care of the standards associated with the manufacturing of a product or service production and delivery.
  • Chief Compliance Officers: They carry out reviews and audits to ensure the company’s regulatory and policy adherence. Chief compliance officers are also tasked with investigating possible misconduct and resolving compliance risks with appropriate measures.

Achieve your career with success. Enroll in the best Executive MBA programs in India now!

Executive MBA for Working Professionals – Learn More

Executive MBA for Working Professionals

If you are interested in learning about business, filling in knowledge gaps, enhancing leadership skills and advancing your career, an EMBA program may be a good fit for you.

Students in EMBA programs tend to have more work experience than in full-time MBA programs.

 Why should you get an  Executive MBA?

Becoming a better leader

Executive MBA for working professionals provide business coaching and leadership training throughout the whole program, and it helps participants learn more about themselves and their managerial skills. Such development makes them more effective leaders on the job and in real-time.

Executive MBA for working professionals is associated with several leadership skills that will boost your career outcomes post-graduation, including:

  • Communication – an essential skill for all, and especially for those in leadership positions, as you will need to be able to communicate with clients, employees and superiors.
  • Confidence – most of the students entering into an EMBA program have a minimal background of business, but; as they work through the program, they will become more confident in their knowledge of the business world.
  • Analytical thinking – it’s essential to think analytically as a leader, especially when it comes to dissecting and understanding different areas of business. During an EMBA program, you will receive an overview of all business areas, providing students with working knowledge to make educated decisions within your company.

Problem-solving skills Executive MBA for working professionals allows students to continue working full time while studying, meaning you will immediately be able to apply what you want you to learn in the classroom to your current role. This could prove to be very helpful when problems arise, prompting you to use the problem-solving skills you have learned. The coursework on an EMBA program allows students to analyze workplace issues that may well occur during your career. Such as analyzing case studies, learning from peers, personal experiences, group projects, you will graduate better prepared to handle a wide range of issues.

Executive MBA for Working Professionals

 Allows students to continue working

The delivery and structure of the Executive MBA for working professionals is designed for experienced working professionals, so you don’t have to interrupt your career or give up your salary.

No career breaks are required to attain an Exec-MBA degree. These programs are designed around weekends, spanning enough months for a candidate to arrange their work around their class commitments.

This also means a steady flow of income added to the flexibility of the program.

Career Boost

The one glaring benefit of joining an E-MBA program is the ability to set one’s career track on fast-forward. Candidates who enter such programs are already well established in their organizations.

Typical EMBA student profiles span about 14 years of work experience with 9 years of managerial experience.

Their years of experience put them at a significant advantage of knowing how they want to shape their career growth. An EMBA program fills those gaps needed to put them onto senior executive and leadership roles.

Promotion and salary hike

Also, as has been well established from EMBA Council Student Exit Surveys, the most tangible benefit comes in salary boosts and promotions.

From the 2017 version of the EMBA student exit survey, conducted on graduates from primarily US b-schools, the following promising results were revealed.

  • Students reported about 14.1% increase in compensation from salary and bonuses after the program. The average salary and bonus rose from approximately $176,500 to $201,500 upon completion of the program.
  • 41% of students claimed a promotion during the program
  • 52% reported increased responsibilities during the program

 High-quality peer group and learning opportunity

The vast experience of EMBA students translates into a diverse and vibrant study environment. Its participants get a unique opportunity to share and learn from each other while growing valuable networks at the same time.

The varied backgrounds provide a fertile ground for learning and applying those learnings to the workplace at the same time.

Executive MBA for Working Professionals

What are the career opportunities after Executive MBA?

Despite all differences between a regular MBA or an EMBA, one cannot go back and stress enough on the most crucial of them all – Career Goals.

Older full-time MBA students, on the wrong side of 30 years, are not unheard of. Executive MBA for working professionals helps in developing the theoretical background for those who are already well-versed with the practices.

Executive MBA for working professionals is not targeted at career changers. It is not meant for those who are starting fresh.

Mid-level professionals who have been around the job block for some years and are interested in ramping up their career graph are the best suited for this degree.

EMBA grads tend to get promoted, given more responsibilities, and are compensated more(far more than MBA grads) for their roles since their prior experience plays an integral part in these considerations.

That is why most B-schools did not even publish placement stats for EMBA grads as most of their career developments happen internally, within their former organizations.

Doing an Executive MBA from IBMR Gurgaon has the best opportunities as they train the candidates to understand the practical perspective and handle everything wisely.

Enroll for an Executive MBA for working professionals now!

MBA vs Executive MBA: What’s the Difference?

Executive MBA for working professionals

For many of us, the clear distinction between a regular MBA and an Executive MBA has not yet clearly defined. For some people, it comes down to juggling classes with the responsibility of a daily job. Whereas, some of us are not, however, introduced with an Executive MBA for working professionals where you can study without stopping to work.

An overview:

There are hundreds of accredited EMBA and MBA programs offered by various prestigious institutions all around the globe. The student must draw a line between both the courses and choose one over the other; It’s essential to consider how both of these degrees differ in various aspects.

The trade-off between these two degrees is cited as the lack of experience in the regular MBA compared to the executive MBA. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll learn a lot and make connections. Commonly, the EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) for working professionals is considered as superior to the MBA study. Both of these programs hold equal cachet and are valued in terms of postgraduate degrees. The purpose and the delivery format are the two significant aspects on which these two programs generally differ.

Regular MBA

An MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is generally a two-year program, which is stretched out to more than two years if students opt to do it part-time. (Many institutions offer part-time MBA as well) . The admission process to Regular MBA is through a Common Entrance Test, i.e. CAT, which is conducted by the IIMs all over the country. It is a heavy paper which requires extensive study. Apart from CAT, various top B schools conduct their entrance examination for the students. An MBA institution applicant doesn’t require applicants to have professional work experience, but they usually verify candidates on other credentials like their involvement in co-curricular activities, academic scores, etc.

Full-time MBA students have to work on intensive schedules which makes it challenging to manage a job outside with this program. In addition to core business-basics classes, MBAs aspirant can specialize in various areas as finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship, and they can usually choose when to take a class.

Executive MBA

Executive MBA for Working Professionals

An Executive Master of Business Administration for working professionals is also a two-year program. Still, it’s aimed to provide MBA degrees to business executives with more than five years of experience in the industry and managerial experience. Usually, the average age of students for Executive MBA for working professionals is 39 years old. EMBA students have the advantage of keeping their full-time jobs intact by attending the course classes on weekends, like on Saturdays and Sundays.

EMBA students face faster-paced classes due to the lesser time given for the curriculum. However, it covers the same syllabus as that of a regular MBA aspirant. Executive MBA Programs offer fewer electives, and they’re designed so that students take most classes, if not all, with the same classmates. This is great for networking but not so great if you can’t stand working with the others you’re grouped with.


  • The time duration for the course

You can finish an EMBA course in the same amount of time as an MBA. Since the classes are held on evenings and weekends, an EMBA can still be completed in two to three years. Unlike an MBA program, an Executive MBA doesn’t offer any electives. Hence by eradicating the majority of supplementary courses, students can focus on the core curriculum and complete the course within the same time frame. Executive MBA for working professionals keep the classes on weekends and allows students to maintain full-time jobs

  • There is a difference in job security and earning time for both the degrees.

Neither an MBA nor an EMBA guarantees job security. However, both equip students with an essential set of skills and a valuable business network. Apart from that, An EMBA degree for working professionals pays for itself in as little as 17 months. This is an investment you can rely on. Graduates can expect to earn a bonus for obtaining their degree and an average salary in six digits from work.

Executive MBA

  • The cost involved in both the degrees

The employer is willing to pay for the EMBA degree, which is not the case in a regular MBA degree. Some businesses also offer various incentives for their employees to earn advanced level degrees. With an MBA, tuition fees are on you, though it usually costs a bit less than the EMBA.

Now since we have understood the fundamental difference between both the regular MBA and Executive MBA for working professionals, let’s talk about one of the top institutions for pursuing your MBA dream. IBMR or the institution of business management and research has worked towards providing its students with the best MBA programs with an excellent curriculum and placements.

Why You Should Choose The Best Executive MBA Program?

Best Executive MBA Program

The conventional approach towards the work and career has always treated education and employment as separate, exclusive, and independent activities. The standard procedure to finish studies, getting a job and then work for the rest of their lives is how our traditional approach has always worked. However, with time the definition of success is evolving. In order to achieve success in today’s world, one must show constant enhancement of skills and knowledge. This is where the Best Executive MBA Program helps.
“Investment in yourself” – this phrase is as powerful as it sounds. In fact, many people even believe that investing in yourself is the best investment one can ever make. Not solely because of the high chances of return but also you are unleashing the unlimited potential for personal growth, a fresh new perspective on business and opportunities to carve out the future that you want. Here are the top five reasons why you should choose the Best Executive MBA Program to take you up the career ladder.

Gain new skills
After several years of experience in the working line, managing people, and working in an organization, you are well aware of your week points where you need to develop new skills. When you join the Best Executive MBA Program, you will be able to learn better skills abilities that will help you work more productively.
Some of the abilities include –
● new management skills and techniques to move towards increased responsibilities
● strategic thinking, critical analysis, and a ‘bigger picture’ understanding
● better communication and team-building skills

Best Executive MBA Program

Kick-start your career again
Before starting with the program, many feel stagnated. Doing an Executive MBA Program from the Best Executive MBA Program provides you with a fresh and exciting new perspective to work on while learning. E-MBA program marks a huge impact on your life and will help you enjoy faster promotions, new challenges, and bigger responsibilities within the organization.

Better Networking

While you pursue the best Executive MBA Program, you get involved with many individuals working in different organizations with similar experiences and job profiles just like yours. It can really help you in creating your professional network. Contact is a crucial aspect of a successful business and the ones made during the MBA course
can help you when searching for new jobs, or when setting up your own venture.

Immediate reward – for you and your employer

An Executive MBA is different from a full-time MBA in terms of immediate results. As a student, one will always walk away from the class with applicable skills and knowledge, as well as a holistic approach to understanding and solving business problems that they then can practice at their respective jobs.
In this world of tough economic times, courses such as the Executive MBA Program enables you to work and study at the same time and what’s taught in the class relates to the current economic climate, ensuring that the skills and knowledge you acquire is not redundant.
Above all, the best Executive Management Program is intense and challenging. It examines your personal and professional ability at times of struggle. And since struggle always results in growth, EMBA becomes a very practical and helpful course for management students.

Best Executive MBA Program

Looking for the Best Institute for MBA in Delhi?
IBMR is a wise choice.

IBMR Business School was established in 1999 and has become an excellent center for management in India within a very short span of time. The College is affiliated with AICTE and Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak and offers courses such as MBA and PGDM.
The progressive school has been awarded the ‘Best Placement’ award by IEDRA and has been rated A+++ by All India Management Association. With the highest package of 18.51 lakhs per annum and an average package of 6.6 lakh per annum, IBMR has become one of the Top B- Schools in Delhi NCR and most desired business school among the aspirants.

IBMR provides the Best Executive MBA Program that is designed to help working executives to meet their aspirations of acquiring an MBA degree. Students may choose from options of one-year to two-year programs from recognized Universities. These are complemented by wide options of distinct domain-oriented programs. Students will also have a choice to enrich their profile by participating in IBMR’s overseas study visits and student exchange programs.

Our programs are taught by faculty who are fully qualified professionals to ensure that you develop that ‘insider’ business knowledge and acumen so valued by employers. The best Executive MBA program comprises high-quality teaching, practical focus, student support, and career counseling will help to ensure that participants graduate with knowledge and skills sought after by employers, this will enable the graduates to work alongside our fellow professionals with competence and confidence.