Is it Possible to Crack CAT 2020 in 4 Months? Yes, Possible!

Wondering how to crack CAT in four months? And get into the best MBA colleges in Delhi NCR? Well, to do so, you need to score a good percentile in your CAT exam. The key to that will require extensive preparation of CAT 2020. For the academic year 2021-2023 admissions, the exam pattern of CAT 2020 will be prescribed by IIM Indore as per the issues. Candidates willing to fill the CAT 2020 form must check the exam pattern beforehand to organize well. And to get your best MBA colleges in Delhi NCR study for Exam pattern of CAT 2020 will be almost the same as CAT 2019.

We have mentioned in this article, some of the ways which can help you crack your CAT score this year! Once through with the essential knowledge on CAT 2020, candidates are going to be more almost the exam day. Agitation and stress are the most common. Do not panic and follow the below-mentioned points-

Break your study preparation into various sections – Mainly there are three sections in CAT, hence Keeping track of the past papers is utmost. Candidates are advised to draw an efficient section-wise strategy when CAT 2020 is nearly near. You can prepare your plan as per your study preparations.

For Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension: Follow these tips to score better on your CATs. Candidates should start reading newspapers, journals, blogs, articles, etc. to reinforce skills.

They should try to solve comprehension, passages, inferences, Fill in the blanks with the right vocabulary choice, and read passages. 

It would help if you also tried adding a new word each day to your vocabulary.

For Quantitative Ability: You should focus on building up the basics of mathematics. Get specialize in topics like profit and loss, numeration system, geometry as they could ask critical questions within the question paper of CAT 2020.

For Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation: Try different topics like seating arrangements, blood relations, syllogisms, etc. as they are the most important this year. It is also advisable for candidates to not use a calculator while solving questions from this section. Only On-screen calculators are provided to the students during the exam.

Work on improvement areas: As for CAT 2020, about 120 days will be left; candidates can focus and try improving on their areas in which they feel are not as strong as compared to some others. Instead of being melancholy about what all new are often learned, candidates should take the initiative to focus and enhance their preparation for weaker areas.

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Concept clarity with shortcuts: During this time, students should be focused on how to clear their concepts. One of the assets of CAT toppers is the clarity of fundamental concepts. And it is the key to get into the best MBA colleges in Delhi NCR. 

Most of the CAT toppers believe that it is easy to guess what type of questions will form part of the Data interpretation & logical reasoning and Quantitative ability section. 

But to even imagine what is going to are available VARC, i.e. Verbal ability and reading comprehension is exceptionally challenging. To clear concepts, candidates must remember the exam pattern and syllabus of CAT 2020. 

 Practice sample paper/past years’ questions: Candidates should check previous year question papers of CAT. Not only it helps the exam pattern better. But also, let students plan their study accordingly. After finishing the syllabus, candidates should attempt to revise a minimum of 2-3 sample papers on a day today. It will help in improving speed also let candidates realize how accurate they’re. While solving the questions papers or sample papers of CAT rigorously, there’ll be a time when candidates won’t find any question of the latest type.

 Mock tests: We know that CAT is an aptitude as well as a speed test. CAT 2020 conducting IIM will release Mock Test paper for giving candidates a gist of the particular exam simulated environment. 

Solving the mock tests helps candidates to know and access the problem level of CAT 2020. All the toppers of CAT are regular at testing themselves via mock tests (once a week). Post any mock students should give some time to analyze the tests and figuring out what went wrong and then focused on that”. 

Hence, the most effective method of evaluating the current preparation level is the mock test.

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