Blunders That Can Get MBA Applications Rejected- Top B School in Delhi

Getting an MBA through GMAT at a Top B School in Delhi is like having a thali meal. When it is served at first, there’s a small portion of everything on your plate. But you always prefer a second helping of the stuff you like. Likewise, when you commence your MBA program journey, you will study everything there is to know about a career in management. 

Eventually, you will be allowed to pick electives and specializations like second helpings that you want more of. These will help you to explore the subjects you like in more detail after you get a fair understanding of all your options in the beginning.

But let’s cut to the chase. The competition for a spot at Top B School in Delhi is brutal. There are thousands of aspirants just like you waiting to grab a seat in Top B School in Delhi NCR. But what makes you different from them? Your GMAT score, the big brand on your resume, your volunteer involvement, and your impressive extracurricular projects are not enough – far from it! These are adequate to get some attention, but winning applications go way ahead these.

The sad news for you is that considering the daunting approval rate statistics, your application necessitates being flawless. The good news, though, is that most candidates make similar blunders and if you know these in advance, you could increase your chances drastically. So, let’s have a look at the top five mistakes to dodge during the MBA application.

Top B Schools in Delhi

Neglecting The ‘Overall’ MBA Application

Many candidates consider the essay, resume, and references as discrete, stand-alone aspects but it’s essential to realize that it’s all part of the same application. Hold on and take a look at your overall MBA application. Do you see familiar themes? Do the stories and abilities you’ve highlighted in your essay align thoroughly with your resume? Will your recommendation letters be an influential verification of your successes?

This approach would also help you recognize frequent repetitions in your MBA applications. Your essay should efficiently reflect your accomplishments beyond the bullet points stated in your resume.

Misunderstanding The Volunteer Experience

If you used some time out of your hectic schedule to gain volunteer experience and work for the less fortunate ones, that’s excellent – with or without the MBA application in the picture. But remember that Top B School in Delhi NCR is looking for, is less about your interest for the poor and more about the leadership you have displayed in your volunteer involvement. For example, donating your clothes for a donation is nothing remarkable as a display of your administration skills. However, if you have initiated or maintained such clothes gathering drive (or something alike), that’s certainly an impressive experience, worth mentioning in your application.

Presenting An Impersonal And ‘Tedious’ MBA Essay

Filing your personal and professional accomplishment is necessary, however, you must spend time composing an interesting narrative out of them. If Top B Schools in Delhi only wanted a ist of accomplishments, a résumé would be more or less adequate. The schools want to ‘understand you well’.

Remember that your application is not being examined by a bunch of robots who see you as a sum of lifeless statistics. Real human beings will assess your application and the essay too, and for two applicants with identical credentials, it has to have a better narrative to engage the reader more and increase your chances of getting selected.

It’s not a writing contest, but try placing yourself in the shoes of the admissions board – they read thousands of pieces and it’s only human that candidates with engaging essays will stand out in the minds of these panelists.

Top B Schools in Delhi

Inadequate Research For Top B School in Delhi

Before skipping to your MBA essay, stop and think – are you confident about the Top B School in Delhi NCR? Don’t be guided solely by Google ratings – they are a good starting point but they are too general and may not fit your individual and professional goals.

The thorough research will not only assist you to differentiate between the MBA programs but this investigation would go a long way in crafting your essays. Top B School in Delhi need to be wooed and nonexclusive reasons may leave readers unimpressed.

Use all possible resources – school websites, discussions with deans, alumni networks – while crafting your application. You need to be precise in your MBA essay, for example, talk about the programs that align with your objectives, the clubs that you would lead and the offerings you would make as an alumni member.