Building Up An Excellent Profile To Get Into The Best MBA Course

The foremost question for a person appearing for an MBA enthusiast is “Which MBA course is best”. While most of us ponder upon this question, It becomes essential to know that different MBA degrees cater to different areas of specialization for a student. If you probably want to do an MBA while working, EMBA or an executive MBA is the best choice for you. While on the other hand, if you are looking for a prestigious two-year program from a reputed college or a private one, then the Regular MBA course goes for you. In whichever way you decide, a good profile matters a lot. Ask yourself- “Which MBA course is best for me?” And then start building up a good profile.

We all know that our profile will play a significant role in the selection of you in any college or institution. It focuses on these three things:

  • The probability of you getting a chance to sit in the interviews for the highly reputed and prestigious institutions for MBA education.
  • The profile also tells a lot about you. So the interviewer is most likely to ask things from your profile. It will decide on how your interview will fold.
  • Also, the final placement is dependent on the profile you possess.

Hence it becomes one of the core determinants in deciding whichever degree you choose for your MBA career. To build a good profile, here are the lists of things you need to take care of foremost:

Academic Spike —To build a good academic spike one needs to perform exceptionally well in their X, XII, and graduation level. 90% of the academic score is considered a high spike in academics. Also, the key is to be active in other activities as well during school and graduation times. It will put you in the outlier category.

Sports Spike — Generally, the students who have participated in the individual or team sports or games at various district, state, or national levels will be considered as under the sports spike category.

Extracurricular Spike– As the name suggests, participating and winning various extracurricular activities will lead you to outshine others in many ways. Participation in a lot of dramatics, singing, or dancing at college-level will add up to your profile. It will boost your chances of being selected for the MBA degree you aspire to pursue.

Leadership Spike This spike generally stands for a leadership position in any activity, organization or a function. It highlighted your leadership abilities and held your areas of responsibility for your future goals.

Which MBA Course is Best

So to summarise it up-

  • Academic Performance

Your performance matters a lot at school and graduation level to perform well to get into your dream college. Also Ranks in Olympiads, NTSE, Paper Presentations, Journal Publications, and any other academics-related contests outside of regular school and college work works too. Work on securing Ranks at school (X & XII), college and university level, and performance in national or state-level entrance tests.

  • Participation in various contests, events, and cultural events

Singing, dancing, acting, sports whatever you are passionate about taking part in those activities. It is based on the idea that you did more than studies in your college and you are an active participant in all the activities.

  • Take up positions of responsibility

This is one thing that fresher’s should go after in the next semester. They are organizing various events to show a sense of responsibility. There are a lot of committees and clubs on the campus which will help you with that.

  • Take up social impact activities

Another critical parameter is the social activities. Both working professionals and fresher can become an active contributor to the CSR initiatives in organizations. Volunteering work in NGOs will also do the needful.

Hence as aspiring management candidates, Students need to work on all these parameters to stand apart from the crowd. Selecting and answering “Which MBA course is best” the foremost things have to be kept in mind as well. IBMR institute of business management and research is one of the best institutions establishments in Gurgaon for more than 20 years now. It has its name established in the field of business management studies and provides students with a lot of attractive programs to choose from.

IBMR is a comprehensive package when it comes to getting the right education after the hard work done for your MBA. It has an outstanding faculty infrastructure, with excellent placement cells for your future. All you need to do is  Show the prestigious organizations what you are passionate about and things apart from what is required. It would be best if you showed that you have the potential to perform on a much larger canvas. So, to conclude, pick a few things from the list and get started.