What Can Be The Career Opportunities After Doing BBA?

BBA is an excellent choice for those who want to move into the accounting and finance fields. However, you must earn your BBA degree at a reputable university with excellent faculty programs, internships, and continuous professional education.

This article will assist you to get more information about BBA along with other details about job opportunities following the completion of the course from the top BBA colleges in Gurgaon.

What is BBA?

BBA is an undergraduate degree with a full-time duration of three years that concentrates on financial markets and management. The BBA course has proven to be a pathway to produce top-quality managers.

Finance is one of the most crucial aspects of any business and should be handled with utmost seriousness by certified professionals. BBA provides you with the essential skills needed to effectively manage money and efficiently use financial resources. As a BBA student, you learn the most fundamental concepts of finance like planning the acquisition of funds, as well as controlling the financial resources of an organization.

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Career prospects after studying BBA

After a student has completed BBA then he or she will have many career possibilities. The majority of finance firms nowadays look for people with a background in commerce to join their team as well a BBA in finance can enhance the skills you already have in this sector.

Below are some possibilities for careers that students will be able to anticipate after completing BBA from IBMR – 

    1. Banks, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) Sector: BFSI is one of the most important areas of spotters to BBA graduates. The bookkeeping, financial and financial skills learned during this course are demanded in this field.
    2. Marketing: Marketing can be a well-known area of enrollment and an ideal BBA career choice. Private companies and associations frequently hire BBA freshers to fill passage-level jobs. Although these positions aren’t the most attractive pay packages, they offer a wealth of opportunities for learning and experiences.
    3. Financial as well as Accounting: Finance and Accounting offices is a sector in which BBA graduates showcase their potential. There are some crucial areas in this field that the BBA graduate could look for in a BBA career path.
    4. HR Resource Management: HR offices are a mandatory requirement for every major organization and association. HR Management is a component of the BBA program of education and many organizations are inclined towards the level of a BBA for this position.
    5. The management of the travel industry: People who are interested in travel and tourism could consider a career in this field after they have completed their BBA. This is an excellent BBA option for a career.
    6. Inventory Network management: SCM is a well-known choice for executives who have graduated. It is a subject that is most suitable for businesses.
    7. Business Consultancy: Although the role as a business consultant is usually offered to professionals with experience or MBA degree holders, BBA graduates can be employed as section-level students or temporary positions. The skills gained from this course can help you prepare to be able to compete for lucrative job openings in the future.
    8. Investment Banking Investment Banking: This is another field in which a BBA graduate can choose to start their career. It’s a challenging field, however, more exams will be needed for this area.
    9. Other Career Options: Aside from the ones above, many other jobs are open to graduates of BBA -Investment BankingRetail Banking
      • Loan Officer
      • Analyst
      • Financial Planner
      • Financial Consultant


BBA is an ever-changing field that offers numerous opportunities for one to advance their career. After completing this course, you can also opt to take MBA or work as an accountant in an organization. If you’ve passed the 12th grade and are looking to get into one of the top management colleges in Gurgaon that opens the door to a variety of possibilities for career advancement and opportunities, then IBMR is the best option for you. Being one of the top BBA colleges in Gurgaon, IBMR offers endless opportunities to help students develop their intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of business and general education.