At IBMR – Gurgaon , You have got special privilege to pursue a certificate course offered by IIMs & IITs in Management in specific specialization.

This certificate course will not only enhance the knowledge of the future Managers , but only enable him to get Industry ‘s well accepted and well recognized certifications from One of INDIA’s Top leading Management Institutions INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT.

Students enrolled at IBMR Gurgaon has options to enrol for IIM or IIT Certifications in any two verticals like Entrepreneurship, Internet Marketing , E -commerce , Supply Chain and Logistics, Operations , I.T. etc

All students enrolled at IBMR are entitled for IIM Certifications and also Meritorious students has chance to Visit and stay ( 4/5 days) at IIM and participate at IIM events and Win prizes upto Rs 2 lakh, with all expenses to be borne by IIM.

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