Funding For Business Ideas By Venture Capital

Incubation / Acceleration

Business Projects

Every semester students shall undertake team based real business from idea to successful business and develop business project and also prepare full running business report under the guidance and supervision academicians, technologist, entrepreneurs and industry professionals .The report shall be submitted before the commencement of every semester and present to industry investors ,the student will continue same business project if team succeed to get business funding or starts generating revenue.


Experienced and eminent leaders in internet, mobile and technology domain from India and abroad are invited as mentors at IBMR . The entrepreneurs receive timely attention and guidance at every phase of execution. In addition, our experts provide guidance on best practices in various functional domains like finance, SEO, legal, technology etc

Test or MVP or Prototype

IBMR ,has access to a huge user base. Depending upon the synergies and product feasibility IBMR may provide the platform to a targeted user base for their feedback so that student can further iterate on your product. Other support to test the product can also be considered based on individual requirements on a case to case basis subject to feasibility and mutual understanding. However it should not be a mass marketing of product and above support is always limited for getting customer feedback and refinement of minimum viable product


Support for Planning

Students will be able to present their idea and the minimum viable product to a group of VC and angel investors for further funding. Students are free to engage with the investors for further investments during or after the program.

Independence to Executive

We support our students during the acceleration program catering to most of their requirements. However, that doesn’t diminish their independence. Students are free to work the way they want. We look forward to students meeting the mutually decided goals. We expect students to be stationed at Delhi during the IBMR program each semester. Students will get access to our world-class office infrastructure during this tenure. This will also help you in executing the minimal viable product as well as to meet and network with other entrepreneurs, mentors and investors.

Independence to Executive

All early stage funds and angel investors provide money to startups; however money is a small component of philosophy. Our main values comes from the fact that we work with student startups closely to shape their idea into viable and scalable products apart from mentorship and advice provided by an experienced set of people from the business ecosystem.

To help student entrepreneurs with capital funding through early stage equity participation, the financial objective shall not be the sole driver of the investment decision. Cutting edge tech based businesses and technology driven innovative ideas in the domain of Internet, mobile and technology will be the primary driver for institute investments.