GMAT VS CAT: From the Best Institute for MBA in Delhi

Well to become a future market leader in India, there is one big question  equired to be asked: GMAT or CAT in the Institute for MBA Delhi? It is one the most confusing question we face today. Both serve as a stepping stone to gain admission into an MBA program. However, our career goals should determine into the decision-making process of which test to choose. Lets see the difference between one of the biggest career-related competitive exams in India and the world today – GMAT v/s CAT.

Once we complete our MBA from one of the Best Institute for MBA Delhi or GMAT from one of the world’s best Business Schools, Life is set! We just need to count on generating income then. Each course has its own merits and demerits. Based on various parameters like scope, completion level, syllabus, Career prospects, examination patterns, Admission process, etc – we need to analyse the difference between these two in order to assist the students to make informed decisions and choose from the best Institute for MBA Delhi.

Read for yourself, the difference between these two prestigious degrees.

1. Return / Benefits

  • Recognition:
    GMAT is recognized worldwide and the top 50 Business Schools worldwide accept only the GMAT qualification, rather than the CAT. The CAT exam is recognized for entry into the IIMs which are known to be the prestigious colleges in India. Besides that, the Institute for MBA Delhi in Delhi offer both quality and quantity in terms of recognition for career with lucrative job offers.
  • Paygrade:
    Lets look at the most promoting factor- Salary. Every year, the highest pay package from an Indian B-School and MBA colleges in Delhi is in the region of Rs. 50 Lakh – Rs. 70 Lakh (for both domestic and international offers). For GMAT the median score comes out to be Rs. 80 Lakh – Rs. 1 Crore.
  • Competition:
    Undoubtedly CAT is more competitive than GMAT. Due to the curriculum and registration made for it. The number of GMAT student taking test ranges between 100,000 and 200,000 annually. While, for CAT it ranges to 200000-400000 annually.

Best Institute for MBA in Delhi

  • Skill-set :
    GMAT is an adaptive test that tests the response of a student in a situation. It tests the sharpness and analytic skills of a student. On the other side, CAT is more difficult than GMAT. It has various sections including analytic and quantitative aptitude to test the IQ of a student.

2. Investment
Both GMAT and CAT involves monetary investment as well as time and energy. 

Let’s take an overlook-

  • Entrance fees:
    It costs $250 to take the GMAT once. In comparison, it costs Rs. 1800 to appear for the CAT. Definitely CAT is much cheaper in comparison to GMAT. Whereas studying abroad costs more than studying from one of the MBA colleges in Delhi.
  • Time investment in preparation:
    There are no fixed official GMAT dates; you can choose any date according to your convenience and availability. However, the CAT exam is conducted once a year. The exam is conducted in the Last week of November or the first week of December. In the best institute for MBA Delhi, the course for MBA ranges from one year to two or three years.

3. Analysis

  • Long term career prospects: GMAT is recognized worldwide whereas CAT is recognized in INDIA. Even in India, multiple top schools allow GMAT scores for evaluation.
  • Competition: There is a fierce competition in CAT than GMAT die to seats.
  • The difficulty of the test: Almost equal. The GMAT’s quant section is slightly easier than CAT. Also, CAT verbal section has fewer different formats.
  • Length of validity of test score: GMAT scores are valid for up to 5 years. CAT scores are valid only for a few months after the results are out.

Best Institute for MBA in Delhi

  • Time spent in preparation: Overall, the GMAT takes slightly less time to prepare for than the CAT due to the coverability of syllabus. But it depends person to person.
  • Eligibility: For CAT and GMAT, the person should hold a bachelor’s degree but CAT involves at least 50% marks in the degree whereas for GMAT there are no such criteria.
  • Exam duration: GMAT is held for 187 minutes whereas CAT Is held for 180 minutes. One hour is given to each section in CAT (total of three sections)

Overall: As per the career prospects of a student, GMAT and CAT both are lucrative courses.
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