How Best B Schools Generate New Age Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is the key to success in any economy as it creates jobs and generates capital and profits and it is one of the reason that initiatives like Start Up India and many monetary concessions are given to budding Entreprenurs.With the advent of CoVID-19 it has become even more important for Entrepreneurs to generate alternative sources of income and come up with new ideas of running a business.

This is where a Top B School comes into play. A Best  B Schools utilizes best faculty and industry experts to give the students adequate exposure to not only come with Business ideas but run them smoothly. Best B Schools have subjects like Human Resources Management, Accountancy, Business Research methods , Industrial training, Financial Management, operations Management and Marketing Management which train an individual in handling the core areas of any business organization

Best B schools encourage Competitions where students develop their own Business ideas which are refined into Business plans and post feasibility analysis these students are provided with funding to start their own ventures. Special cells are designated to run these ventures which are known as Entrepreneurship Developmental cell and specialized faculty are designated to take care of the same,

To sources new ideas for Entrepreneurship cases of previous Entrepreneurs are discussed in detail with the class in Top B Schools in Delhi NCR which helps in building the right foundation of the classes and gives them insight into ideas of turning market gaps and crisis into opportunity .Top B-school helps its students in understanding the market dynamics and analyze and study trends like green marketing  ,clean energy ,organic farming ,health planning and fitness industry not only these schools provide them with exposure but they also help in coming up with ideas to capitalize on these trends with in new and innovative ways which gives them an competitive edge over existing players in the market. Top B-Schools analyze existing corporates and make students analyze their core services, technology, and supply chain so they can come up with better designs and improved products and services of their own in the market. Best B schools have subjects like International Business, International Marketing, and International Financial Management to help them understand international markets and give them exposure to international trends and industries which can be started in India as well. There are many example of business models which are successful abroad are adopted in India and customized according to their tastes.