How to Prepare for Admissions Conducted into BBA Colleges?

One of the biggest questions posed and which is most relevant at this point in time is “How are admissions conducted into BBA colleges of Gurgaon?”. Well, it will be wise to consider several points before appearing for your BBA interview after the course of this pandemic ends. It’s important to be prepared beforehand to crack this year’s Best BBA college in Gurgaon. Here’s some of the important consideration to be kept in mind-

  • is it wise to quit my extracurricular to prepare for the BBA admissions?
  • will quitting other things have a negative impact on my profile?
  • how can I prepare if I am studying 12 hours a day, 6 days a week?

These are questions that many aspirants ask themselves since there is a huge premium on acquiring a degree from a prestigious college and for many, a BBA is the last big shot that they can take to get a big brand name on to their resume.

There might be other reasons as well ranging from a mind-numbingly monotonous IT job to a horrible boss, to the existential dread — what will become of me and my life if I am stuck in my current situation forever.

Everyone is confused and pondering over the question – “How are admissions conducted into BBA colleges of Gurgaon?”

You have to find the best option in front of you with the proviso that you prepare at the right time and do more than just prep for the BBA admission rounds.

BBA Colleges of gurgaon

If you start preparing, be prepared to face the music in every single interview

Before anything else please understand that if you prepare well before, in every single interview that you face you will have to answer the question — Why did you choose the BBA course?

This question is bound to be followed by others such as

  • Why did you choose our institution?
  • How much time did you devote into your studies?
  • Why you do not have any extracurricular merits?
  • So, does it mean you are not good at multi-tasking?
  • More than half of our students have extracurricular, why don’t you?

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Forget at the interview stage, some institutes such as IBMR ask this question in the FORM they send out to candidates they shortlist for the round — Why you wont to pursue the BBA course from our institution?

But you can rest assured that these questions have been successfully tackled by aspirants in the past and in IBMR interviews at that.

But what is important that you plan beforehand for the different interview questions, plan your break to take up activities that enhance your profile, and achieve things that will help you make a great pitch in the interview.

How will extracurricular affect your profile in terms of getting into a good BBA institution?

There are colleges such as IBMR or the Institute of Business Management and research which give a weightage to extracurricular experience in the shortlisting process. In such cases, you will lose out on valuable points and will hence have to score higher on the test to get the shortlist than if you had stuck on in your job. So yes, there is a clear quantitative effect.

The other way of looking at this question is from a qualitative perspective — in terms of how panellists will view you in the interview. Panellists more often than not feel that all BBA aspirants should possess some extracurricular in their profile. So when they see candidates who have left what is on paper a promising professional opportunity, they tend to look at him/her in an unfavourable light and will expect them to justify the same.

BBA Colleges of gurgaon

To get you closer to the question- “How are admissions conducted into BBA colleges of Gurgaon” What are the things the panellists took up?

  • What is the level of your communication & public speaking skills?
  • What is the diversity in your profile?
  • What different add some academic weight you possess on your resume 
  • Different certification programs in their area of interest.
  • What are your any social work-related activities on their resume took up working with an NGO

You need not limit yourself to this; you can take up anything that you have a strong interest in — learning a dance form or languages or singing or photography — as long as you invest quality time and have something to show for it.

For a more detailed insight on How are admissions conducted into BBA colleges of Gurgaon. You should visit IBMR institution website, it helps you to improve your profile to align it to your chosen domain post-BBA