How to select a good Best Business School in Delhi for you?

In India, there are approx. more than 1,000 Best Business School offering Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) courses and about 10,000 Colleges offering MBA program. Mostly, these two courses are very costly and may range from 2 lacs to 30 lacs for one to two years courses curriculum. PGDM is among the most popular studies offered by colleges and universities pan India, and with growth projected in the job market of almost every business sector, many would convenience that doing the business course would be an investment in your future. Therefore, selecting the right business school becomes very difficult for a common student or working professional. Following are the few important things you can look before selecting a Best Business School.

Experienced faculty: A good business school will attract the most qualified and experienced professors and researchers from around the country. One should assess the pool of talented professors who have the knowledge and experience to effectively teach business students. Apart from teaching, an experienced faculty will provide importance on the application of theory to practical issues in the business world. The experience and influences in the industry possessed by faculty members will help them in advising students and even connecting them to internships or other career openings.

Leadership: Another important thing to look for in a business school is its leadership or administration. Few students of the best business schools must be heading the top position in the business world. This helps them to run and set a vision for their school as part of the business environment. A good business school’s leader (such as the dean and Directors) will have a shared vision that backs and balances the interests of students, faculty and alumni.

Quality students: MBA programs need to spend a significant amount of time interacting with your peers. Apart from learning how to work in a team and developing team-building skills, the experience in business school should also make to learn from other students and exchange programs. The major part of your studies and career depends on networking with your classmates and alumni. A good institute will develop the profile and database of the student and alumni community one will be interacting with and want to be a part of it.

Choice of Specializations: MBA has many thematic areas of specialization, and one should select to pursue business courses with a concentration on interesting areas. It is significant for you to select a school that has the subjects and majors that will discourse your goal in going through a business course. If someone is looking to start a business of your own, you can look for a school that offers entrepreneurship courses and at the same time permits you to concentrate on your business ideas.

Infrastructure and facilities: A good MBA institute should have a good, well-equipped classroom, library, auditorium, residential accommodation for the students on campus so that they can make the best use of the library, labs and get mentorship from their professors when they feel like. There is no point running for the brand, but choose the one B-school where you can expand your wings not looking at your average scores but making it big in a good learning environment.

  • Reputation: The best business schools simulates the business environment by supporting healthy competition, scientific approach, design and critical thinking, innovation and creativity. This may not happen in all business schools, as some have restrictions in place due to government restrictions and regulations. These limits obstruct the school’s freedom to adapt to the fast-changing business environment and the community, disturbing what and how the students learn and what they experience.

A Best Business School selection is based on its overall ranking among top business schools. Remember, that the school should be able to fulfil your academic and professional needs and that in the end, it’ll only be you who can say which one is the right fit for you.