Importance of MBA+PGPM the students to succeed in the corporate world!

A question that is bothering most of the MBA aspirants for a long time is that should they take the dual degree program offered by some of the renowned business schools such as MBA + PGPM or MBA + PGDM. I will try to clarify this.

So, lets first discuss what is MBA, PGDM, or PGPM?

  • MBA – Master of Business Administration
  • PGPM – Post-graduate Program in Management
  • PGDM – Post-Graduate Diploma in Management

MBA + PGPM program is the new trend in the field of management. If you are someone who wants to pursue an MBA course from the Top Management Colleges in Delhi NCR, a PGPM or post-graduation program in management can be the best option. Every student is going for a management course. But how can you distinguish yourselves from others in this world of cut-throat competition?

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Let us discuss some of the major advantages of doing an MBA + PGPM course, so you can make a wise decision while opting for a management program.

  1. Industry Integrated Syllabus- Unlike most MBA+PGDM courses, MBA + PGPM programs are updated every year or so. It is because the top PGPM institutes in India are generally autonomous bodies, and they need not wait for the universities to change the curriculum of their management programs. At Top Management Colleges in Delhi NCR, the AICTE Approved course content is reviewed and approved for PGPM courses every year. The changes are suggested and implemented by a committee of professors from top business schools including IIMs, and top-level executives from corporate houses. The benefit of pursuing such courses is that the students learn the new, latest, and ongoing concepts and practices of business management, as well as, entrepreneurship.
  2. Increases the salary package– As far as placements are concerned, MBA +PGPM would be beneficial for the students as they would be exposed to more opportunities. Having a management degree along with a PGPM can let you demand a higher salary package from the top renowned companies. According to a Corporate Recruiters Survey, employers of most of the renowned companies are willing to pay significantly more to candidates having Top Management Colleges in Delhi NCR degree along with PGPM. The survey suggests that companies will pay up to 70 percent more to such candidates. This is because a lot of hard work is involved in earning a reputed PGPM degree and your salary certainly should reflect that.
  1. Knowledge gained during your PGPM course is so comprehensive and is going to last for a lifetime: Success and failure are the 2 sides of the same coin. It is assumed that one who balances success and failure and learns from both, is the real Management student. Through classroom lectures, role plays, guest lectures, industry visits, summer internships, EXCEL CLASSES, FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLASSES, FOREIGN INDUSTRIAL VISITS, and personality development programs, students learn better decision-making skills as well as get better at analytical thinking.