Industry-Academia Connect in Management Education

In today’s management education it is very important to have connections between corporate and academia connect. Top B schools in Delhi have the best connection between the two. In the majority of connecting when the connection is missing the top B schools will not be able to impart good education to the student. As far as management education is concerned it’s an industry-linked course and it has a lot of practical exposure involved. Top B schools will not be able to impart good education to the students which in long run will affect their placement and further their career graph.

Top B School in Gurgaon is having connections between industry and academia. When a student is under the process of selecting a good B school for himself/herself they shod also keep an eye on the following points.

Management Education

1.         Guest Lecture- Top B schools organize guest lectures. They invite corporate people on regular interval to come to collage and share their experience and latest trends in the industry many times Top B schools also suggests good topics for their delivery. Not only students but also the faculty is also enriched with what is happening in the corporate world. Students get benefits from these kinds of discussions with corporate people. Top B schools organize these activities to develop good repo with corporations that help them with getting good placement opportunities.

2.         Industrial Visits- the Top B School plan industrial visits to the national as well as international locations to connect to the industry give exposure to the students. These kinds of exposure given to the real-life working environment. These trips also help them in correlating the concept taught in the class to what the industry is practicing. These activities also strengthen the Top B school relation with the relation with industry which in return helps the student to place them in these organizations.

3.         Soft Skills- Top B School also design special program like soft skills which are specially developed with the help of industry people. These programs help the students with etiquette, presentation skills, corporate communication skills, negotiation skills it indicates just a few. These kinds of programs help the student in developing the skills that are best suited for the industry.

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4.         Student Exchange Program- Top Management Institute has done strategic tie-ups with foreign universities and the institute regular student exchange of students helps the students to share the ideas with each other. These exchange programs widen the horizon of student learning.

5.         Internship-Top B schools in Delhi focuses on quality internship which generally gets converted into PPO (Pre Placement Offer). The student should aim to get enrolled in top management institutes.

Best Management colleges in Delhi are offering these kinds of courses to the management students so they can have better learning of the subject and the main objective of good placement can be achieved