Is Doing an MBA Worthy During a Recession or Crisis?

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, today’s forecast is simply as gloomy, because the Indian economy faces up to its worst recession in centuries, creating an increasingly uncertain jobs market and business landscape. Making a substantial investment in an MBA or Master’s degree from one of the top MBA colleges in Delhi and Gurgaon won’t look like an apparent priority.

It’s certainly a good time as ever to strengthen your skills, your professional profile, and ultimately your resolve to face up to the ongoing pandemic crisis.

So what’s the worth of an MBA from top MBA colleges in Delhi and Gurgaon in this ongoing crisis?

  • Facilitates your intent on employers

Given the economic situation, now may well be a tough time to drag off a dream career switch or promotion, but the worth of a graduate school degree is longer-lasting.

Prateek Singh, who completed an MBA from IBMR Group of Institutions, one of the top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR, graduated into a turbulent job market. At the time when most students would are searching for jobs, companies perceived to have stopped hiring.

When jobs began to appear again, Prateek’s MBA from one of the Top MBA colleges in India,  helped him stand dead set his future employer “Entrackr”—”They were quite specific about the standard of individuals they hired, the kind of education they’d, and therefore the skills that they had,” he says.

He sees this temporary dive within the economy because the best time to require you out of the workforce.

“It’s opportunistic—the version of you that comes out of top MBA colleges in Delhi and Gurgaon are going to be lots more capable than the one that comes in, so you’ll be plenty more attractive at a time when people are going to be hiring again.”

You can’t influence how long the pandemic or lockdown goes to continue for. But applying to one of the top MBA colleges in Delhi and Gurgaon can influence how well you fare after the economy recovers.

top MBA colleges in Delhi and Gurgaon

  • An updated skill set

‘Upskilling’ has become a byword for the talents and hobbies that individuals have finally found time to hone during lockdown. A surge in popularity for large Open Online Courses (MOOCs) through sites like Udemy shows how people are using now to speculate in themselves and their job profile.

Gaurav Tyagi, another MBA graduate from IBMR, one of the top MBA colleges in Delhi and Gurgaon knows how important this is often. Weeks after graduating, Rahul lost his job, leaving him move into the cold during a barren jobs market.

He advises potential MBA applicants to give some thought to areas in their profile which may need ‘upskilling’.

  • A wider, useful network

The network you build will be really valuable to your career. it’d be something you grow to rely on if times get tough—whether this can be in an unfruitful job search, or a pursuit for investment.

Another IBMR’s MBA graduate Bipul Aggarwal also testified to how a network can make all the difference in an uncertain job market.

Bipul graduated one of the top MBA colleges in Delhi and Gurgaon in 2009, and made up our minds not just to require any job. He had his outlook on a career in corporate sustainability, and was rigorous in his networking to form sure he found the proper role for him.

“My MBA gave me the arrogance to back myself and take that all-important time to network. I probably spoke to over 100 those that worked in sustainability in several capacities—people in corporate responsibility roles, consultancies, renewable energy, startups, nonprofits, and government.”

top MBA colleges in Delhi and Gurgaon

  • Chance to explore career alternatives

Many will move to one of the top MBA colleges in Delhi and Gurgaon with plans for a top job in finance or consulting. But if those corporate giants aren’t hiring at the instant, then it’s worth considering alternatives. Top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR could help shed light on alternative routes, like starting your own business.

Abhisekh Singh, who studied his MBA from one of the top MBA colleges in Delhi and Gurgaon during the pandemic crisis, remembers what it felt like when corporate jobs started disappearing.

His ambitions to land employment at a top company suddenly seemed less likely. So he started trying to find alternatives—importantly, where could he expend his energy and time in a very place that might be profitable and rewarding.

“When these dramatic situations emerge, Consider how you would possibly create something that’s more meaningful for the society, even at a tiny low scale,” Abhisekh says.

  • Learning the way to lead in a very crisis

There will be many lessons learned from this pandemic. One are going to be the way to brace oneself for and answer a crisis, be this financial or otherwise.

Agility and adaptability also are important. Vidisha, a student from one of the top MBA colleges in Delhi and Gurgaon acknowledges that his post-graduation career might not are what he had expected, but it had been his MBA that helped him adapt without feeling like he’d compromised.

“These situations might turn things, for anyone and everybody, and accepting that, and being flexible towards those expectations, could be an opening.”

Learn how you’ll advance your career, even during the pandemic from home.

top MBA colleges in Delhi and Gurgaon

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  • Top MBA colleges in Delhi and Gurgaon are a long-term investment

Uncertainty still surrounds business schools, whether this can be admissions deadlines, start dates, or maybe whether the course are going to be hosted online or in-person.

What is certain, however, is that top MBA colleges in Delhi and Gurgaon pays dividends for the remainder of your career, long after the lockdown is lifted and normality, whatever that appears like, resumes.

“The economy is under plenty of pressure, jobs are under threat, which threat is referring a very important aspect, which is how does one ensure that your career is protected.

That’s where investing in management education is very important.”