Life at IBMR

Fresh air, healthy and greenly environment makes IBMR- Gurgaon an ideal location for learning. IBMR- Gurgaon is located in the heart of Gurgaon city, which is full of opportunities for students, to develop their career. On one hand, students bear intensive pressure of course curriculum and on the other hand they have recreational activities which let go the pressure. Faculties of IBMR are highly demanding for consistency and discipline in students in the campus. Everyone is expected and believed that they adhere to the code of conduct of IBMR campus.

IBMR family believes that some of the important lessons of life are learnt outside the classroom as well. Its not only the classroom study but also beyond that. Students are engaged in various socio- cultural activities which enhances and groom their personality socially too.

Recreational activities help in rejuvenating students. In house training and camps outside college helps them in building their team attitude, developing leadership quality and art of managing. IBMR- Gurgaon is deeply investing in sport facilities both indoor as well as outdoor facilities.

We have various clubs which helps students to develop their practical knowledge.

Marketing Club- Vipanan

Objective of Vipanan is to provide learning with fun by conducting games and events that are based on the fundamental concepts of marketing, brand management, marketing strategies, sales and distribution.

Human Resource Club- Aadhar

Objective of Aadhar is to provide learning through management games and through team building excercises.

Finance Club- Vittiy

Objective of Vittiy is to conduct brain teasers related to finance and regular meetings that strengthen the students knowledge in the fields of Capital Markets, Securities and Derivatives etc

IT Club- Abhiyog

Objective of Abhiyog is to give comprehensive knowledge about information technology. This is done through regular interaction of students.

Cultural Club- Sanskriti

The club plays a major role in managing festival celebrations and other student get together events.

Newsletter Committee- Vyakt

Vyakt represents IBMR- Gurgaon. It describes about the activities happened in one month. It is e-newsletter which is uploaded monthly.

Placement Committee- Sthapan

The work of this committee is to take care of the representation of college in corporates and dealing in placement assistance.

All these clubs are student driven clubs.

These clubs are emphasizing on the knowledge beyond the horizons of books.​