How to Become a Happiness Manager in MBA Colleges??

MBA Colleges

Management is not only about what Management talks but also about how management is taught at MBA Colleges quintessentially work on developing the Management skills in students.

Management is omnipresent in every walk of our day-to-day activities and Best Institutes of MBA work their way through and beyond the carrot and a stick approach to a more professional way.

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Placements also have a great impact on students precisely, the MBA Colleges and IBMR too have over the period laid more emphasizes on the sound faculty and a great placement record.  Recruitments have also been in Human Resource Digital Marketing, finance, banking, Insurance, FMCG, IT, manufacturing, research, think tanks and the government sector.

Pre-placement talks and industry interface helps in the holistic development of the students. IBMR being amongst the MBA Colleges firmly strives towards enhancing the overall personality of the students by helping them showcase their skills and talent at various platforms at IIM Kozhikode and IIT.

Any Top Management Institute should work on making the students abreast with the technology. Gone are the days where the lonely accountant, hunched over a desk, adding numbers in solitude. In today’s cutting edge technology and increasing competition, it’s important to work smart than work hard.

Being an entrepreneur can be a juggling act. Various Top B schools of Delhi NCR have been working in the same direction by providing exposure to the students to the world of digital marketing, Blogs and other e-com division, SEOs. Apart from that, the institutes are working on introducing the students to the other language as well namely French, Spanish and German. To understand the practical application of Intra competitions in other parts of the country speaking these languages helps students understand the nature and scope of the same. 

Individuals must need to strive for success but what should be the degree of success. This degree can be estimated once you are enrolled in the Top MBA program in Delhi NCR.

top b school in delhi NCR

Today’s scenario management is something that managers strive to work on by being better managers.

Passion doesn’t fuel work ethic; work ethic fuel passion. A Top Management Colleges in Delhi NCR teaches you how to build your career but also how to be best at your job and then your future is unstoppable.

BBA Colleges in Gurgaon has been working in the direction to provide the best placements and job opportunities to the students so that they can kick start their career and excel in the same.

After all, there are more opportunities to excel in the various fields one likes to opt for and become the successful Leadership.

Leadership is an important factor for every entrepreneur as it helps him or her understand the qualities of their team members and subordinates.

MBA Colleges have been taking a traditional and a modern approach to make students learn about various management courses and subjects. The students are enabled and skills have been refined in such a way that they become industry ready and to face the challenges.

How to Choose Right MBA College in Gurgaon?

In today’s scenario with Management colleges sprouting up in every nook and corner of the country it has become quite a task to choose the Right MBA College in Gurgaon. There are however certain parameters that one should keep in mind before selecting a good B-School. 

Parameters to be kept in mind while choosing the right MBA College in Gurgaon:

  • What is the objective of the student?

Do you want a career switch or career progress or are you looking to broaden your educational development by learning new concepts or it is international exposure or career enhancement one is looking for. One needs to analyze its objectives before choosing the top B-school in Delhi NCR.

  • Faculty:

A top B-school invests in a good faculty which is a mixture of academicians and industry experts who usually come to the campus in visiting mode. Throughout the duration of student’s MBA courses, they are most influenced by the teachers they interact with who not only teach important concepts but have a huge influence on the character-building aspect of the students as well. A student before choosing a Top B Schools in Delhi NCR should thoroughly check the credentials of the faculty.

  • Placements:

Most of the students invest in an MBA course for a salary hike or career enhancement. Hence it becomes very important for the students to examine the list of companies visiting the campus for recruitment and the kind of packages they are offering and only then should they make a decision

  • Teaching Methodology:

In today’s scenario, rote learning is pretty passe. More emphasis is laid on practical exposure and industry experience. A Top B-school uses case studies, live projects, role-plays, games and lecture cum discussions as a part of their curriculum so that the students are ready to face the corporate world.

These are some of the parameters to be kept in mind while choosing the right MBA College in Gurgaon. One should do proper research and interact with a lot of people both from the industry and past Alumni of the institute before coming to any decision. As the right B-School could help you scale new heights.


MBA Colleges in Gurgaon

It has been rightly said that “A direction in which education starts, will determine the future life of a person” and hence an MBA graduate degree will provide you with a couple of advantages, especially when it’s from an esteemed MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR .

In India, we have a large number of business schools that are very creative and innovative. A good BBA and MBA program should encourage the students to be part of the global ecosystem that inspires them to contribute, lead and succeed. Studying at MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR forces you to get out of your comfort zone, deal with the latest issues in international business, apply the newest management techniques and constantly challenge yourself. Ideally, any Best Institute for MBA in Gurgaon should be a place for knowledge, exposure, growth and a successful career.

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Any Best Institute for MBA in Delhi should develop students by providing global management thought leadership and deep insights which help them to develop as true future leaders to their full potential and thereafter playing a larger contributory role as they step out working with great companies.

Top B Schools in Delhi should set the learning targets from day one. Ideally, the code of conduct and discipline should be well defined with structured rules in place that ensure students are nurtured in a rigorous, relevant and rewarding environment.

The BBA and MBA program at Delhi/Gurgaon provide exceptional learning experiences and assist in shaping student’s personalities, personal ambitions, and overall business outlook. The full-time MBA program aims at developing an international mind-set for students to help them to develop a global network, sharpening their decision-making capabilities.

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Amidst all the busy schedules of daily lectures, preparing presentations and submitting assignments, any best Institute for MBA should provide one equal opportunity to work on social causes. Any good leader is an excellent human being and he not only focuses on work but steps ahead to contribute and provide solutions on social causes. A few good institutes in Delhi/NCR have partnered with NGO’s and several teams of students spend a considerable amount of time raising funds for their innovative ideas and implementing the same after understanding the detail dynamics of the market.

Generally, Top Management Colleges in Delhi NCR, conduct classes in a friendly and informative way. Faculties help to explain any concept in simple, detail and practical ways by giving apt examples that help students to understand any concept better and remember it for a long time. They provide every possible support for students to acquire knowledge, develop new skills and enhance their personal attributes at exponential growth and thus help them in becoming great business leaders for tomorrow.

How MBA Colleges in Gurgaon Are Redefining Management Education?

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With the world is coming under the umbrella of global village the meaning of management education is changing on day to day to day basis. It represents a significant threat as well as an opportunity for the economies and educational systems. MBA Colleges in Gurgaon puts light on the need for updated Management Education.

Pursuing Management education from Top B-Schools in Delhi is vitally important, given the critical role of education in economic, cultural and social development. With 4000 Business Schools in our country churning more than 3,60,000 MBA graduates annually, a shocking 61% are unemployable.

The need of the hour is to develop a new learning culture in colleges in Gurgaon, where the learning processes reflects student-centered curriculum with novel content and the teaching processes are integrated with technology promoting interactive learning.

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The new-curricula should shift the pivotal focus of management education from theoretical foundations to the more industry-oriented framework.  It should be a blend of technical competence and the ‘softer’ qualities which are essential for prospective managers to develop advanced and flexible management skills.

The following are a few pointers that suggest how MBA Colleges in Gurgaon can deliver the much-needed quality experience which benefits the students and industry alike.

  • Digital Classrooms Offering a Global Perspective:

Digital learning is replacing traditional classroom methods in Top management colleges in Delhi NCR. It provides the opportunity to customize learning sequences for the students and also connecting the educators with global educators’ community thus enabling them to update themselves and design an integrated curriculum that enriches and enhances the classroom experience.  

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These digital learning solutions based on problem-based learning, emphasize on learning methods that are constructive, collaborative and calls the students’ attention to a real-world approach to learning

  • Interdisciplinary Offerings:

The report of the Core Curriculum Subcommittee at the Yale School of Management stated, “Management education is compartmentalized by function even though management challenges no longer are. The result is a disconnect between what is taught and what is needed”.

The rise of specialization courses in MBA colleges in Gurgaon has made it more difficult to enact change and therefore interdisciplinary studies reinvent higher education by bridging disciplines thus enabling students to develop critical thinking skills and paving a way for more creative and integrative solutions.

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  • Shifting Focus From Job-Seekers To Job Providers:

The MBA programs are known for their promising paychecks. The whole curriculum is designed to make students job-seekers rather than job-providers. The foundation itself needs to shift from providing knowledge of accounting concepts to financial literacy, from finding the solutions for fixing problems to creative and out-of-the-box thinking for addressing the root cause.

  • Attitude Over-Powering Aptitude:

Despite galloping automation, people are the biggest asset of any organization. Today, companies are moving from process-roles to more creative and data-driven roles.  Creativity, social intelligence, adaptive & computational thinking, cross-cultural & virtual collaboration as well as transdisciplinary skills are critical capabilities for future workforce.

And the education needs to undergo a sea-change from the existing aptitude building curriculum to more of integrating the above-mentioned attributes. Case-studies, management games, industry-based assignments should outweigh the theoretical framework.  A future employee instead of spending 30 years in one career will have 10 + career experiences by the age of 40. This will require new teaching and learning models to fill the void.

The Scope Of MBA Program In 2020 – MBA Colleges In Gurgaon

MBA Colleges in Gurgaon

One of the most prestigious management qualifications in India from the past 3 decades, MBA program is considered as a cornerstone for management professionals even today. Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a two-year Post-Graduate Degree in Management, offered by multiple colleges and universities in India. Apart from top tier institutes like the IIMs, India is a management hub with over 5500 B-Schools. An MBA course starts as low as Rs 20,000 in low tier colleges in smaller cities, which goes up as high as Rs 24 lakhs at the Top Ranked B-Schools in India. Every year, more than a million students register for MBA Entrance Exams in Top MBA Colleges. Out of which, the selected ones get their preferred college for admission to MBA courses.

Over the years, the demand for MBA is going down as Business Schools are not able to drive the change, as promised. Globally, The selection procedures of candidates are different than that of India. Global B-schools uses  Written Test, Group Discussion, and Personal Interviews for shortlisting of candidates. While in India, the competition is tough as the majority of fresh graduates goes for MBA programs, as it lands into lucrative job offers after completion. Apart from Graduates, working professionals lookout opportunities to increase their existing pay-scales. This is the main reason why millions of students prefer to go for an MBA program right after graduation.

Business Scenario Within 2020.

Off-late, After various economic reforms being introduced, India emerged to be among the top five fastest-growing economies of the world. Its growing population can quadruple GDP can drive it to the league of developed nations. Within 2020, five sectors in India are moving at a fast pace in terms of employment generation and business growth.

  • Information Technology:

IT Sector in India is expanding considerably over the past decades. From a slow developing economy to joining the league of Global leaders, Indian  IT sector has provided with world-class tech solutions across the Globe. According to a survey, the Indian IT Industry is set to touch $225 Billion within 2020.

  • Telecommunications:

With more than 850 million subscribers, India is fueling the growth of enterprise mobility, which will lead to significant growth in employment opportunities. 

  • Healthcare:

As per a report, The Indian healthcare industry is witnessing a significant increase of 40 million jobs till 2020. While it has advantages over developing countries in becoming the global hub for medical tourism. While Indian healthcare costs are a fraction of the cost incurred in developed countries. 

  • Infrastructure:

The Indian infrastructure industry is making rapid progress when it comes to achieving growth momentum and is likely to make a growth rate of 7% to 10% in 2020.

  • Retail:

The retail sector in India is worth more than $400 billion with domestic and international players planning to expand. With workforce projections doubled in organized and un-organized sectors till 2020, India’s retail sector will be stronger and organized , that will create more employment opportunities.

MBA Colleges in Gurgaon


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Will MBA Program Put Value To Your Career After 2020?

The era of Globalization has gripped organizations across all sectors, who are facing tough competition. To survive this cut-throat competition, organizations are on a constant watch for skilled workforces who are competent enough to put an edge over the competition. An MBA program can add success in your career. The curriculum of MBA Colleges in Gurgaon are aligned with the growing Industry needs. An MBA program is significant as it provides a relatable experience for freshers as well as working professionals with their company processes and strategies for better understanding. 

However, MBA program also helps students to master in People Management, Negotiation skills, Communication skills, Decision-Making Skills, Team Management, Managerial Competencies, Crisis Management that can be advantageous across all industries.

MBA program will continue to put value to your career even after 2020, as B-Schools and MBA Colleges have updated their curriculum with the Industry demands. With an MBA qualification, candidates get the opportunity to tackle the latest business problems with expertise, which eventually earns a good reputation for their career. To sum it all, An MBA qualification is the most passionate career choice for individuals, that brings a steep career growth with diverse employment opportunities.