Pedagogy Innovation in Business From Top B School in Delhi NCR

The MBA/PGDM program pedagogy has to be such that it makes the students understand and experience the business problems and find their feasible solutions. A number of teaching methods have been used in Top B school in Delhi NCR, some with more benefits than others, and some more disseminated in business education than others. In the subsequent paragraphs, some of the teaching pedagogy that may be highly effective in contemporary management education is being discussed. There are some main teaching methods used in Top B school in Delhi NCR, . Each business school choose its own teaching pedagogy according to its own needs.

 Top B-schools of Delhi NCR

Case Method: The case study method is a dynamic process of exchanging perspectives, and defending points, and building on each other’s ideas. The real-life business problems are usually given in the form of a story and students are asked to find feasible alternate solutions, considering various environmental factors.

Study Trips: Currently, the majority of MBA/PGDM programs include a study-abroad component as an integral part of the students’ global education. During their study trip abroad, students get the opportunity to experience a foreign culture, taking classes, participating in cultural activities, and interacting with foreign students.

Situation handling and Role Plays: Students are assigned certain managerial roles in a given situation and they have to present according to their characters. The process is usually repeated to make the students understand the various alternative course of actions.

Field Projects/Assignments: Students are given tasks such as understanding analyzing the financial performance of a company, customers buying behaviour, finding out the best HR practices, understanding the logistic processes in a firm, etc. This information is then written down in the form of a project report and submitted for evaluation.

Presentations: Topics related to the subject are given in advance to the students, who then make the oral presentation with or without the help of audio-visual aids. The Q&A session by the faculty members at the end is held to resolve queries from the participants.

Simulations games/Hands-on experience­: With the help of customized software tools students are exposed to real business situations and they have to take decisions while competing with each other. Stock market-related software is sometimes used to provide the experience of live share trading on the virtual world.

 Top B-schools of Delhi NCR

Blended Learning: Blended learning is a style of education in which students learn via electronic and online media as well as traditional face to face teaching. At times, online lectures are conducted through video conferencing by the senior corporate, renowned professors or a researcher located elsewhere.

Brain storming: Panel discussions or brainstorming is done by giving a certain problem to the group of students and asked them to find the alternative feasible solution. It helps in building teamwork, idea sharing and creative creativity among the students.