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One of the most prestigious management qualifications in India from the past 3 decades, MBA program is considered as a cornerstone for management professionals even today. Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a two-year Post-Graduate Degree in Management, offered by multiple colleges and universities in India. Apart from top tier institutes like the IIMs, India is a management hub with over 5500 B-Schools. An MBA course starts as low as Rs 20,000 in low tier colleges in smaller cities, which goes up as high as Rs 24 lakhs at the Top Ranked B-Schools in India. Every year, more than a million students register for MBA Entrance Exams in Top MBA Colleges. Out of which, the selected ones get their preferred college for admission to MBA courses.

Over the years, the demand for MBA is going down as Business Schools are not able to drive the change, as promised. Globally, The selection procedures of candidates are different than that of India. Global B-schools uses  Written Test, Group Discussion, and Personal Interviews for shortlisting of candidates. While in India, the competition is tough as the majority of fresh graduates goes for MBA programs, as it lands into lucrative job offers after completion. Apart from Graduates, working professionals lookout opportunities to increase their existing pay-scales. This is the main reason why millions of students prefer to go for an MBA program right after graduation.

Business Scenario Within 2020.

Off-late, After various economic reforms being introduced, India emerged to be among the top five fastest-growing economies of the world. Its growing population can quadruple GDP can drive it to the league of developed nations. Within 2020, five sectors in India are moving at a fast pace in terms of employment generation and business growth.

  • Information Technology:

IT Sector in India is expanding considerably over the past decades. From a slow developing economy to joining the league of Global leaders, Indian  IT sector has provided with world-class tech solutions across the Globe. According to a survey, the Indian IT Industry is set to touch $225 Billion within 2020.

  • Telecommunications:

With more than 850 million subscribers, India is fueling the growth of enterprise mobility, which will lead to significant growth in employment opportunities. 

  • Healthcare:

As per a report, The Indian healthcare industry is witnessing a significant increase of 40 million jobs till 2020. While it has advantages over developing countries in becoming the global hub for medical tourism. While Indian healthcare costs are a fraction of the cost incurred in developed countries. 

  • Infrastructure:

The Indian infrastructure industry is making rapid progress when it comes to achieving growth momentum and is likely to make a growth rate of 7% to 10% in 2020.

  • Retail:

The retail sector in India is worth more than $400 billion with domestic and international players planning to expand. With workforce projections doubled in organized and un-organized sectors till 2020, India’s retail sector will be stronger and organized , that will create more employment opportunities.

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Will MBA Program Put Value To Your Career After 2020?

The era of Globalization has gripped organizations across all sectors, who are facing tough competition. To survive this cut-throat competition, organizations are on a constant watch for skilled workforces who are competent enough to put an edge over the competition. An MBA program can add success in your career. The curriculum of MBA Colleges in Gurgaon are aligned with the growing Industry needs. An MBA program is significant as it provides a relatable experience for freshers as well as working professionals with their company processes and strategies for better understanding. 

However, MBA program also helps students to master in People Management, Negotiation skills, Communication skills, Decision-Making Skills, Team Management, Managerial Competencies, Crisis Management that can be advantageous across all industries.

MBA program will continue to put value to your career even after 2020, as B-Schools and MBA Colleges have updated their curriculum with the Industry demands. With an MBA qualification, candidates get the opportunity to tackle the latest business problems with expertise, which eventually earns a good reputation for their career. To sum it all, An MBA qualification is the most passionate career choice for individuals, that brings a steep career growth with diverse employment opportunities.