The Way forward in Management colleges Education in times of COVID -19

A key aspect of tackling with Covid-19 is to ensure that educational services are being delivered to the maximum extent possible It has been easy for professionals to adjust to the technology changes as they can easily use the laptop and other devices and are used to the technology interface but the only problem is physical communication which will be solved once the Covid-19 is over and studies go back to normal. The real challenge has been faced by the teachers and students who have had to shift to technology to impart their lectures.

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The lockdown has actually advanced digital technology and is the only way forward. New apps are being explored and data management tools are being looked at.

The virtual classrooms are the future. They are the only link with the students and are helping in imparting continuity in education, Not only that but in the coming times they can be used to conduct Parent-teacher meetings and important discussions saving costs and time.

It is important that teachers are also imparted pedagogy in education.             Top Management Colleges in Delhi NCR make sure that they have all the latest technology advancements and carry out teacher training activities to ensure a smooth transition from physical to virtual classrooms,

Top Management Colleges in Delhi NCR

Best B-schools ensure that not just the students but also the teachers have access to the latest equipment the students, as well as teachers, have access to laptop/Desktop. I feel that virtual classes are more productive as they do not distinguish between backbenchers and frontbenchers neither do they discriminate on the basis of gender.

Top Management Colleges in Delhi NCR have online platforms where students can access the latest coursework also there are regular assessments both formative and summative in nature

But it is a fact that technology-based education is more transparent and does not make a difference in front vs backbenchers or girls vs boys. Many initiatives have been taken by the government such as Swayam online courses for teachers, CEC –UGC, Vidwaan, NEAT, NDL, FOSEEE, E-Yantra, and google classroom. Going forward Best B-schools and Business houses have to work on the ways that assessment is carried out they have to be flexible, Transparent, and adaptable.

Going forward good quality teaching shall not be the only parameter by which faculty and Top Management Colleges in Delhi NCR shall be judged but the quality of IT infrastructure and familiarization with the latest digital technology shall give the management schools and faculties a competitive advantage over others.