Tips for CAT2020 – Way Towards Best Business School in Delhi

With CAT 2020 just few week away, it’s the crucial time for applicants to possess a well-planned and feasible strategy to get into the Best business school in Delhi. This year CAT 2020 exam registration has seen a decline that is – 2,27,835 applicants have filled the form as against 2.44L last year as per IBMR, Gurgaon. Hence the extent of CAT 2020 is predicted to be unpredictable with the exam pattern changed.

The foremost tip for last week CAT 2020 preparation isn’t to experiment with anything new. Every section of the CAT exam is extremely important where some time management skill will play a crucial role. To get an honest percentile, check here CAT last week preparation tips to get into your choice of Best business school in Delhi.

Tips for CAT 2020 last week preparation

Best business school in Delhi

Do not devour any new topic to hide

At the last moment you surely don’t want to step in confusion because it will divert you from all the strong CAT important topics you’ve got covered thus far and kept clear. So don’t waste time and energy in covering any new topic within the last minute .

Formulate a strategy to attempt different CAT sections

Every section in CAT 2020 is equally important, so candidates must give their best in every section in order to clear the sectional as well as overall CAT 2020 cut-off. Do not pre-formulate a mindset for what are the topics you’re getting to solve within the CAT 2020 entrance examination instead accompany the flow on D-day. Go through the entire section once, and formulate a fast strategy then and there itself.

Write and analyse CAT Mock Test 2020 regularly

As per the previous year toppers, the mock tests have proved to be of utmost significance within the last minutes. In the last week of CAT 2020 preparation, applicants must take 2-3 CAT mock tests and not more than that as analysing them is important too. It’s better to plan your mock tests in a way that you get enough time to analyse your weak areas and work up on your mistakes and act upon them.

Try to practice the mock tests of CAT within the slot mentioned in your CAT 2020 admit card. The idea here is to urge your body and mind to urge wont to being focused and high therein period.

Best business school in Delhi

Get accustomed to the online calculator

Though solving questions with the assistance of a web calculator provided on the screen isn’t recommended because it will waste a candidate’s time. However, experts suggest that some Data-Interpretation questions require the use of virtual CAT calculator. So, candidates must have hands-on experience on it.

Balance accuracy and speed

To score an honest percentile within the CAT 2020 exam, it’s not important to answer a maximum number of questions but to answer them correctly. It is wiser to aim fewer questions with great accuracy and quickly than attempting many questions incorrectly as negative marking could terribly affect your score. But confine mind that higher accuracy isn’t the last word goal for CAT 2020 as you’ll find yourself during a lot of pressure. So the right strategy while preparing for CAT in last week is line up of maintaining a balance between accuracy and speed.

Avoid studying late at nights in this week

Our brain needs rest and proper sleep to stay things in mind. So sleep for a minimum of 6 to 7 hours. All your CAT preparation of months will enter vain if your mind enters during a state of restlessness on the D-day.

Revise Fundamental Concepts & Formulas

In the last week of CAT preparation, only focus on revision instead of cramming up new study material. Only the applicants who have clarity of concepts and grasp on their fundamentals are going to be ready to solve the questions and hence ace the CAT exam 2020.

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