Do You Want to Pursue a MBA in Gurgaon? IBMR Is the Perfect Destination for You!

Top B School in Delhi NCR

In the current situation, the business world is increasingly attracting more and more future learners. MBA programs are constantly coming up with innovative approaches to develop an up-to-date curriculum as well as imaginative and effective teaching strategies to prepare their students for the brutal fight in the business world. Recognizing this need, IBMR is emerging as one of the top B school in Delhi NCR for pursuing an MBA.  IBMR offers a well-balanced mix of outstanding educational execution and a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere in which students can understand and respond to the business world’s changing face. As a result, IMBR is recognized as the best institution to enroll in for a fundamental experience in an MBA course and is renowned as the top B school in Delhi. Continue reading to find out why IBMR is so popular among MBA students, as well as the numerous training methods and faculty that IBMR promises to make you shine brighter in the global business sphere.


IBMR and its mission-

MBA colleges are the perfect hotspot and supreme trampoline for aspiring business enthusiasts to propel themselves into the business mainframe. As a result, all MBA programs must have the assurance of relaxation and education required for their formation and development. In addition to providing a suitable setting, MBA colleges must also have appropriate informational material to keep students up to date with global affairs. World-class and esteemed business schools must adapt their lessons and approaches to meet the needs of particular students. Students can learn from their curriculum in this manner. With all of these responsibilities and criteria of the current business framework in mind, IBMR delivers an unrivaled MBA degree that ensures such unparalleled education and experience. IBMR strives to instill spiritual and ethical values in its students through innovative and creative training approaches to help them become better business leaders, great businessmen, and moral individuals. IBMR’s mission is to teach individual students creative strategies to achieve success in their businesses and live a happy life as a learned person. IBMR seeks to provide technical education paired with assessments and reviews to help students focus on and strengthen their weaknesses. Thus, IBMR is regarded as one of the top B schools in Delhi for MBA students.


IBMR and its educational prowess-

Via innovative instructional methods, IBMR is working to provide accurate and applicable skills to future learners. IBMR provides a blended and immersive learning environment in which students learn through lectures, case studies, group projects, activities, assignments, homework, and visual and auditory aids, making it easier for them to absorb the course matter. In the long run, this kind of content distribution mode promotes concept retention. IBMR also has an accomplished faculty with an excellent teaching approach who fine-tune each module and material to meet learners’ needs and identify their strengths. IBMR and its faculty are competitive in delivering a world-class education to MBA devotees by maintaining a steady flow of lectures, with an essential rest or leisure exercise at reasonable intervals, while preparing their students to meet the needs and demands of the global market.


Courses and Placement Services –

Gurgaon is India’s modern corporate city and a corporate center. It has a massive fortune among 500 firms in India and the largest number of job openings for trainees in mid-level and entry-level management. IBMR Gurgaon is located in the Data City and IT and Corporate Park, which is surrounded by MNCs and is ideal for students to gain hands-on experience in the corporate world. According to a recent survey and estimates, Gurgaon has the highest job capacity of any city globally, including Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Noida. This offers both students an advantage in terms of placement opportunities. All MBA/PGDM students at IBMR Gurgaon are guaranteed placements with a minimum CTC of Rs 4.50 lakh per year. It provides placements in well-known businesses such as Jaro Education, Rankwatch, Byju’s, Cafe Coffe Day, among other companies. IBMR has outstanding MBA and BBA classes, as well as numerous other shared courses and variations.


Life at IBMR –

IBMR is one such institute that prioritizes both academics and extracurricular activities. IBMR arranges for various out-of-classroom events and recreation clubs to benefit students from a wide range of social circumstances. These endeavors, such as HR clubs, Sanskriti clubs, IT clubs, and so on, teach students the importance of teamwork while also allowing them to enjoy life outside of the classrooms and academics. This technique, in the end, tends to improve social business skills as well as individuals’ trust and morale as they participate in a plethora of extracurricular activities.


With such distinctive and thrilling features, IBMR should be at the top of your “dream colleges” list! So, if you’re looking for the best B school in Delhi NCR, IBMR is the safest and wisest bet. IBMR is well-known for its innovative approaches to providing students with unrivaled instructional content. As a result, IBMR is regarded as one of the best B schools in Delhi.



Witness Greatness at IBMR – The Best Institute for MBA in Delhi!

Witness Greatness at IBMR

IBMR is a prestigious business school in Gurgaon. It is considered one of the most renowned, well-respected, and the Best institute for MBA in Delhi. MBA colleges are rapidly responding to new-age learning and restructuring trends to meet the inbound demands of today’s B schools.

It is important to modernize the existing academic standard, but it is also critical to adapt to the evolving environment and develop new educational methods. As the best management college in Delhi, IBMR understands the significance of educational expansion and has developed itself as an excellent institution for management education in India over the last few years, providing consistent and successful teaching and knowledge transfer. This article highlights IBMR’s valiant efforts to provide students with world-class academic excellence while also encouraging them to tap into their inner talents to cultivate spiritual values and sharpen their business skills.


What is IBMR?

IBMR is a centered and determined educational establishment delivering business and management-related courses and services. Many students are interested in obtaining an MBA from IBMR to create a corporate market footprint and develop strategic business skills. In India, there are over 6000 business schools that deliver MBA and PGDM programs.

IBMR is one of the best institutes for MBA, providing high-quality management preparation and placements. IBMR is one of Delhi’s best management colleges, focusing not just on education but also on improving students’ technical, legal, and moral skills in preparation for a business career. Via a business-relevant curriculum, a learner-centric infrastructure, and a highly trained faculty, IBMR aims to sow the seeds of ‘foundational clarity’ in its students. IBMR students excel in their job aspects and flourish in their daily lives, leading a safe and righteous life.


IBMR and its functions, as well as its value structure

IBMR, a well-known Delhi NCR management college, offers various courses and programs to meet each student’s needs and desires. IBMR offers a joint MBA and PGPM course for qualified applicants, a hybrid of PGPM and PGDM programs, a joint B.Ed and VAP program, and an executive and essential MBA, BBA, and UGPM. IBMR’s teaching faculty consists of highly educated and accomplished persons who provide high-quality instruction in novel ways to foster better learning. IBMR’s teaching method has a balanced and unique mix of varied educational styles and critical approaches, such as assignments, workshops, and tasks, to keep students involved in both the realistic and analytical facets of the business world.


IBMR employs a variety of teaching approaches, including

An innovative learning pattern that blends immersive and online networking with conventional face-to-face learning is one of the diverse teaching or instructional approaches used by IBMR to ensure the successful transfer of information. This provides a versatile and stable teaching mode for exposing young minds to a diverse theoretical and practical knowledge base while maintaining lectures. By supporting student curiosity and supplying resources to learn the best, IBMR aims to promote a scalable and adaptable education approach through blended learning. Students gain professional knowledge and experience from the varied perspectives of their modules and materials.


IBMR’s instructional theory is based on the idea of student centricity.

Teachers encourage student-centered learning by promoting students to express themselves, make group decisions, believe in their leadership abilities, and trust the learning process. IBMR encourages student-centered learning in its modules by teaching various instructional programs, instructional approaches, financial assistance strategies, and learning opportunities. This approach addresses cultural influences and desires to satisfy their individual needs. Furthermore, considerable care is taken to ensure that the module content is relevant, accurate, and current. IBMR teachers inspire students to regularly engage in class so that they can understand more about the content.


As the Best institute for MBA in Delhi, IBMR is dedicated to success and prosperity in the education sector by providing its students with the highest standard of academic excellence. IBMR is revolutionizing the concept of education in the contemporary world by research and adaptation of innovative and creative ways of educating young adults to thrive in the global business mainframe.



top management colleges in Delhi NCR

COVID-19 has put billions of specialists around the world into hibernation. Gratefully, the worldwide wellbeing emergency is presently appearing signs of abating in a few of the most exceedingly bad hotspots where the bend has not fair been smoothed, but bowed strongly downwards.

Here are fair a number of reasons why presently may be the ideal time to begin your travel for an MBA from Top Management Colleges In Delhi NCR.

More 100% Online Options

With the closure of most campuses due to COVID-19, management schools are sloping up their online instruction stages so that students and staff can proceed to take an interest in their courses, indeed in the event that they must do so from home. This implies courses which were customarily advertised as it were on campus are presently accessible to students remotely. It is anticipated that top management colleges in Delhi NCR will keep up and improve their online learning stages once the infection has passed and inaccessible instruction will be ended up one of the ‘new norms’

Top Management Colleges in Delhi NCR

Get Begun Now

Most MBA programs in top management colleges in Delhi NCR have been outlined for individuals who ought to balance employments and other needs. This implies they don’t take after the conventional educating periods where students can as it were commence an unused degree at the beginning of conventional semesters.

Adjust your knowledge

The current emergency is the ideal time to begin considering approximately what you would like to do – both professionally and actually – to form yourself less vulnerable to the effect of emergencies, and to adapt to anything the modern world looks like. It is time to be indeed more clear-headed around how to position yourself for the career that you simply want.

“Amid all of the powerlessness, one thing is certain – trade will not go back to how it was before covid-19. New businesses and commerce models will develop, and we all have to be completely prepared to require advantage of that.

“Something you have got full control over is how arranged and adaptive you’re for what comes another. And the more information and instruction you’ve got, the superior prepared you’re reaching to be.”

Control your destiny

MBA from Top Management Colleges in Delhi NCR will not only give you the opportunity to upgrade openings inside your existing boss but it gives you the abilities and certainty to begin your own business. . The research appears experts with an MBA are more likely to discover themselves open to ways that lead them to self-employment.

How to Improve Your Job Prospects After Completing an Executive MBA

Top B School in Delhi NCR 1

Many executives find it difficult to commit to a traditional full-time MBA course. There is, therefore, a develop an interest in the executive MBA format, with the high return on investment (ROI) a key draw. Executive MBA Council studies show graduates enjoy an average pay increase of around 20% within two years of graduation.

Top B School in Delhi NCR

Learning new skills and networking are the other bonuses of an EMBA. But it is not always the same; many claim their profile remains unchanged after completing the MBA. Many of these graduates were not prepared for what would come after the degree; this has proved to be a hurdle in moving forward in their careers. You must always know your objectives before applying. For instance, entrepreneurs might target EMBA programs to get a better idea of business, or a manager to aim to develop their managerial skills.

Here are some of the ways you can get an advantage in the job market with an executive MBA program from Best Management Colleges in Delhi

Make the most out of the program’s networking opportunities

One of the best things about enrolling in an EMBA  is that it provides you a great opportunity to strengthen your professional network. You will meet a lot of working people from various industries, which helps you a lot in the future – especially in terms of ROI. Professionals Networking provides you with opportunities to make contact with business managers in your domain, opening up avenues for getting a job.

Use the skills that you learned from EMBA to own your career

The skills you strengthen throughout your EMBA program from the top B school in Delhi NCR are going to prove very useful in terms of the advancement of your career and salary. Utilize these skills to avail opportunities and move towards success. One advantage of the part-time program is that you will be able to put what you learn into practice.

Make most of the career support services provided along with the EMBA program

How to Improve Your Job Prospects After Completing an Executive MBA from Top B School in Delhi NCR that provides Executive MBA programs will offer career support and other similar services. You should make the best use of these kinds of services to increase your ability to land your preferred executive MBA job opportunity. most Top B School in Delhi NCR will continuously support your executive MBA job search even after you have graduated.

Understand where you fit in the job market

Just getting an EMBA degree is not enough to transform your aim into reality. If you wanted to make a change in your profile you have to first of all check if you are qualified (and not overqualified) for the job. EMBA graduates tend to have around 8 years of experience; to change profile at this stage can difficult. It is very important to understand where you fit in the executive MBA job market.

Take more responsibilities even if you do not get the expected job promotion

If you have been sponsored by your existing company for the EMBA program, you may expect to get a job promotion or a salary raise, but don’t expect it on a plate. You may get more responsibilities and you should not elude away from them. Remember it is always great to have these skills and switch your job in the future to get a better position along with a good salary package.

IBMR is The Finest of The Top B Schools in Delhi

Top B Schools in Delhi

The business sphere is continually evolving with new changes and revolutionizing events occurring every day. With business events being the center of attention in the modern era, many students seek to be part of the new business advancements every day. To be a functioning unit of the business world, one must understand its postulates and study business basics. Thus many individuals seek to enroll themselves in the top B schools in Delhi. IBMR is one of the finest institutions for MBA or BBA courses in Delhi. Connect with its spectacular faculty and educational methods to yield and hone the best of your business potential, and lead the path to success in the business mainframe.

– What and wehre is IBMR?

IBMR was established on the promise to provide a blended method of education to various potential leaners with which they grow in not only their subject but also learn practical hands-on skills to gain a workling foundational knowledge of the business world. With an esteemed faculty and a diverse array of tactical approaches to provide academic excellence to various individuals, IBMR has risen to the top of the hierarchy among other B schools in Delhi. One of the things that make IBMR the finest among top B schools in Delhi is its unique teaching method, and where the focus is on student queries and satisfaction concerning course content. By focussing on what the students are grasping out of the provided syllabus modules, and how they can absorb better, IBMR creates a scope for excellent knowledge transfer. 

Top B Schools in Delhi

IBMR aims to train students in a way that they not only succeed in their career but also learn moral values and ethical skills that might help them in future endeavors. By ensuring that the faculty explores various ways to teach honest views to support their intellect, IBMR seeks to create smart individuals to lead and revolutionize India’s business sector. Being the top B school in Delhi, IBMR’s primary goal or mission is to mold their students into potential, street, and book-smart individuals who can lead the world with their new ideas and be righteous truthful in their intentions. By carefully creating relevant and updated course content and ensuring that they follow a student-centric and dynamic educational method, IBMR carves their students’ inner potential and capabilities and makes them successful business people.  

-What makes IBMR the Top B School in Delhi-

With innovative and unique ways of transferring knowledge, IBMR sustains its legacy. Before diving into the whys and hows of IBMR’s greatness, it is essential to understand what makes an individual a great businessman-

  • A thorough understanding of business basics and knowledge of various terms and theories involved in its functional value is required to be a good businessman. Once a student understands the basics, he can easily apply them in the area of his expertise and choice. 
  • Practical knowledge and alertness while dealing with situations that require quick decision making.
  • Time management skills and the ability to multitask while maintaining work ethics are a must.
  • Honesty and morality are the governing traits of a good businessman.
  • A good businessman is energetic, consistent, and dependable and is ready to co-operate in situations that demand submission while being authoritative in situations where dominance is required. 

Top B Schools in Delhi

IBMR recognizes the need for these vital traits in educating a potential business person and has the perfect atmosphere to build these skills in their students. IBMR creates a student-friendly environment where students learn to co-operate and learn to work in teams through the given group assignments. By providing regular assessments and ensuring that students receive feedback on their performance from time to time, IBMR faculty ensures end-to-end education with no loopholes. IBMR promotes active participation in all its classes so that students interact with their professors. In this way, they absorb way more from the lectures. IBMR syllabus also includes projects and internships that enable the students to gain practical, hands-on experience in the business world. Therefore, by focussing on providing quality education through carefully curated content and unique techniques of administering it, IBMR provides flawless academic excellence to all business potentials and enthusiasts.

– What’s more at IBMR?

Along with an excellent knowledge transfer model, IBMR also encourages students to participate in recreational activities and club endeavors. They can choose to enroll themselves in various activity clubs like the cultural club, financial club, IT club, Human Resources club, and many more eventful societies that nurture co-operation skills and help students bond with each other.   

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– Prospects of IBMR students-

Being one of the top B schools in Delhi, IBMR provides world-class education and promises a bright future ahead, even after the students graduate. IBMR offers many placement opportunities at famous brands like Oyo, Cafe coffee day, TATA class edge, Kelly, RankWatch, etc. 

With resources and the capacity to provide a plethora of benefits to students, ranging from educational superiority to a cozy environment for students to thrive in, IBMR truly stands out from all other B schools. It is thus, justified to consider IBMR as the finest of top B schools in Delhi. 

2021 Trends in Management Education -Top B Schools in Delhi NCR

Top B Schools in Delhi NCR

There is no question that, in India as well as abroad, management education is taking major turns. With growing employer demand and increasing youth discontent, reform is the only sensible option we can look at. A major concern with the typical MBA is the fact that students are well versed in the curriculum theory part, but are unable to apply it in the actual work situation. There is also no guarantee, apart from a few Top B Schools that a student will get a well-paid job.

Global-View:- Those days went by when the managers were only expected to manage their country’s activities. Increased interconnectivity with people outside our native culture, religion, and region came with globalization. It’s difficult not to be part of the transition because it would only lead to the brand or a company’s downfall.

Top B Schools in Delhi NCR

There are such institutes that have grasped the need and opened a campus outside of their origin. They have alliances with business elite schools that have already set up themselves. They are partnering with the local college or university to provide an opportunity for their students to exchange programs. But for it to become fully globalized, it still has a long way to go.

Change in Perception:- In terms of 2 years of typical full-time MBA, there is an evolving pattern. Lots of students understand that its value has diminished, and will continue to decline. It gives you an edge over other graduates when you have a specialization. You know exactly what you’re talking about while the crowd is grabbing straws from the rest. They are educated in many things but they are masters in none. Several Top B-schools in Delhi NCR have, therefore, reformed their MBA curriculum to integrate various interdisciplinary subjects.

A New Path:- Instilling Entrepreneurial Spirit Many B-schools are working on Entrepreneurship and incubation center growth. Top B-Schools in Delhi NCR are also focused on business growth initiatives with the recent boom in start-ups and helping young entrepreneurs cultivate and expand their ideas through incubation centers.

Top B Schools in Delhi NCR

Industry People becoming part of faculty In India,   top B-schools in Delhi NCR face the problem of becoming a qualified and experienced Faculty. Professors are experts in academic teaching but lack the experience of working practices in the field. Colleges need to introduce business people to create a pleasant mix of integrated education together with academics.

Digitally-able:- Government of India had initiated “Digital India” and all sectors are slowly on the digital platform. The education sector is also a huge part of it, and colleges are exploring in the classrooms the possibility of technology-based learning.

In addition to the lecture sessions, few colleges have begun an instructional strategy where the material is given online It’s more convenient in this way as students can access the material from anywhere, and the experience is more seamless. Millennials are more tech-savvy anyway and colleges can use this to create learning opportunities.

Tips for CAT2020 – Way Towards Best Business School in Delhi

Best B School in Delhi

With CAT 2020 just few week away, it’s the crucial time for applicants to possess a well-planned and feasible strategy to get into the Best business school in Delhi. This year CAT 2020 exam registration has seen a decline that is – 2,27,835 applicants have filled the form as against 2.44L last year as per IBMR, Gurgaon. Hence the extent of CAT 2020 is predicted to be unpredictable with the exam pattern changed.

The foremost tip for last week CAT 2020 preparation isn’t to experiment with anything new. Every section of the CAT exam is extremely important where some time management skill will play a crucial role. To get an honest percentile, check here CAT last week preparation tips to get into your choice of Best business school in Delhi.

Tips for CAT 2020 last week preparation

Best business school in Delhi

Do not devour any new topic to hide

At the last moment you surely don’t want to step in confusion because it will divert you from all the strong CAT important topics you’ve got covered thus far and kept clear. So don’t waste time and energy in covering any new topic within the last minute .

Formulate a strategy to attempt different CAT sections

Every section in CAT 2020 is equally important, so candidates must give their best in every section in order to clear the sectional as well as overall CAT 2020 cut-off. Do not pre-formulate a mindset for what are the topics you’re getting to solve within the CAT 2020 entrance examination instead accompany the flow on D-day. Go through the entire section once, and formulate a fast strategy then and there itself.

Write and analyse CAT Mock Test 2020 regularly

As per the previous year toppers, the mock tests have proved to be of utmost significance within the last minutes. In the last week of CAT 2020 preparation, applicants must take 2-3 CAT mock tests and not more than that as analysing them is important too. It’s better to plan your mock tests in a way that you get enough time to analyse your weak areas and work up on your mistakes and act upon them.

Try to practice the mock tests of CAT within the slot mentioned in your CAT 2020 admit card. The idea here is to urge your body and mind to urge wont to being focused and high therein period.

Best business school in Delhi

Get accustomed to the online calculator

Though solving questions with the assistance of a web calculator provided on the screen isn’t recommended because it will waste a candidate’s time. However, experts suggest that some Data-Interpretation questions require the use of virtual CAT calculator. So, candidates must have hands-on experience on it.

Balance accuracy and speed

To score an honest percentile within the CAT 2020 exam, it’s not important to answer a maximum number of questions but to answer them correctly. It is wiser to aim fewer questions with great accuracy and quickly than attempting many questions incorrectly as negative marking could terribly affect your score. But confine mind that higher accuracy isn’t the last word goal for CAT 2020 as you’ll find yourself during a lot of pressure. So the right strategy while preparing for CAT in last week is line up of maintaining a balance between accuracy and speed.

Avoid studying late at nights in this week

Our brain needs rest and proper sleep to stay things in mind. So sleep for a minimum of 6 to 7 hours. All your CAT preparation of months will enter vain if your mind enters during a state of restlessness on the D-day.

Revise Fundamental Concepts & Formulas

In the last week of CAT preparation, only focus on revision instead of cramming up new study material. Only the applicants who have clarity of concepts and grasp on their fundamentals are going to be ready to solve the questions and hence ace the CAT exam 2020.

About IBMR Group of Institutions

IBMR Gurgaon is one among the – Top B school in Delhi NCR, known for its respected MBA programs and placement records in top tier organizations across the country and abroad.

Planning to Launch Your Business? Here’s What B-Schools in Gurgaon Can Teach You

b schools in Gurgaon

Are you an MBA student with entrepreneurial ambitions in mind?  Do you aspire to start an independent business after finishing your MBA?  What resources can you make use of while still studying in top B schools in Gurgaon?

How Business schools in Delhi and Gurgaon can prepare you for a strong future?

In this blog, we have shared some extremely practical tips inspired by various top B schools in Delhi and Gurgaon that will help anyone who is looking forward to launching his or her own business.

  • Walk before you run

Don’t waste any money in the initial few months. You’ve already given a lot of cash on an MBA so this bit of advice will presumably come as a pleasant relief.

Rather, you should pay your attention towards doing homework and begin to figure out;

Who is your target consumer?

  • What is their dilemma?
  • What is their aspired resolution?
  • What will you be marketing to him or her?
  • But don’t consume too long at this step or you’ll overthink it.

Talk to potential clients

Several ambitious entrepreneurs get struck down with the plan of creating a comprehensive business model and even a product, before actually taking any steps ahead.

The attention lies heavily on parts such as “can we create it?” vs “should we create it?

But, there is no importance of making a wonderful product, platform, or service if the need is for minimum. MBAs can frequently be guilty of this. Hence, various b schools in Gurgaon advise you make sure that you don’t get caught in this trap.

Always remember that having an idea alone is worth nil. Working on an idea in a detailed and strategic way to examine if you have a workable product, yes! That is worth all.

b schools in Gurgaon

  • Find out the desirability of the product?

There is no need to make a product at this step, just move out in the market and get in touch with potential consumers about your plan. By interviewing possible clients you’ll get a grip on whether or not your premises in point (1) are valuable. 

As much as 80% of startups fail due to the shortage of market needs, so conversing with real customers is the key, especially for an entrepreneur. Doing this before you finish your degree from Business schools in Delhi will put you in great shape.

  •  Create a long-term individual vision and establish one or more short-term goals

After finishing your way through steps (1) and (2), now the right time is to build something more solid.

What are your visions related to your business?

Right form interviewing possible consumers, you should hold a more precise view of your goods or service, your potential audience, and whether the requirements your product/service is satisfying.

Keeping all this in mind, you need to make your long-term personal aim for your business.

But, make sure that you don’t overthink this as it most clearly won’t be the polished article and as you grow this will evolve over time. However, it’s remarkably crucial to have something, originally, to be striving towards.

Next, your focus should be to make your long-term personal vision and split it down into short-term aims.

At this step, speculate about what it implies, for you, if you were to do start tomorrow. To give it a start, this will pull you down from fantasy, to dig underground into the details.

Operating through this whole stage is important, as it will push you to think of all the bits in the puzzle.

b schools in Gurgaon

  • Take help

You may be floating high in the sky from owning a degree from top B schools in Delhi and feel that you can take over the world. That’s excellent; you’ll surely need that belief. 

But, that doesn’t automatically imply your own entrepreneurial superpowers and can make it all separately and trust us nor should you.

When you surround yourself with the correct personalities, your idea will grow and so will you, as far as you’re subject to feedback and are someone who is trainable. As an entrepreneur, you should be ok with constructive criticism.

There are loads of methods to obtain help from your b schools in Gurgaon – mentoring, coaching, and perhaps your classmates and alumni. You must also look to get included in an association of entrepreneurs.

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  • Leverage your strengths

You’ve learned all phases of operating a business during your MBA from top Business schools in Delhi and desire to place your new-found skills to the test. Great, but you perform it all. Understand where you shine and arrange the others around that.

Always focus on what you are great at and take the help that is required for the rest of the areas.

Why and How to Take Part in BBA Direct Admissions During the COVID-19

business school in Delhi

The Bachelor of Business Administration, an aspirational degree in India, has become a more attractive proposition for students. Top business schools in Delhi and various other new-age universities, in particular, are changing the way the course is structured. Like any other sector in the economy, Covid-19 is disrupting the higher education sector too. Various business school in Delhi have taken their classes entirely online to develop online resources. The education sector has been prominently affected due to the movement restrictions enforced by the lockdown. In this situation, it is normal for the students to be concerned about their admission to business school in Delhi. In this article, we talk about the solution to seek admittance to Top B School in Delhi NCR in the persisting issues.

What is the procedure for the BBA Admission process in 2020?

The admittance process of most of the b schools in Delhi is generally similar except for the way they conduct their entrance exams. It usually includes Writing testability / personal interviews and group discussions. Not just that, you can check the online website of the Top B School in Delhi NCR to get a better idea about their admission process. At IBMR, you need to complete a short survey about why you want to pursue the BBA degree and the admission team will get back to you in several days with all the details regarding the admission process ready. It is very imperative that you-

  • Research about the Top B School in Delhi NCR during the Cornovirus pandemic to help you solve queries about the admission process.
  • File the required business school in Delhi admission application form to ensure your seat.
  • Appear for the entrance exams of the b schools in Delhi during the pandemic. While most colleges have taken down their process online, you must appear for the exams.

business school in Delhi

Why the BBA Course in COVID-19 gaining importance?

BBA courses offered in the business school in Delhi are designed in the way which makes it more interesting. Additionally, BBA courses are intended as shorter versions of MBAs in India. In the current economy and the opportunities, it presents, more students have become inclined to take the course. For instance, there’s the Institute of Business Management & Research; we serve a three- year full-time course being the best business school in Delhi. Our curriculum aims at building future professionals rather than mere degree holders. The BBA program offered at our business school in Delhi develops the student’s intellectual ability, executive personality, and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of business and general education. We create a competitive edge over others as it will provide students with an international interface.

This course integration enables the BBA degree to help students gain the knowledge and experience required to make a positive impact in the world of business.

We, at IBMR, combine business with the BBA program in such a way that helps the students explore today’s challenging social and economic issues, taking learning beyond the classroom, learning leadership and teamwork through group projects and leadership ventures.” We are one among the graduate school in Delhi, which has attempted from the outset to align the BBA program with the contemporary professional world. Students learn through their time spent on hands-on learning through workshops, live projects, and industry internships.

business school in Delhi

IBMR works on shifting the focus from knowledge to critical skills like creative and complex decision making, analytical skills, global social skills, real-world skills, and effective communication. Students are introduced to areas like business analytics, design thinking, critical reasoning, and system thinking, etc., which are typically part of an MBA student’s curriculum. Not only that, but we also aim to be the top business school in Delhi which allows the students to speed in the latest developments in the space of finance and accounting through our curriculum. For most students, BBA as a course offers a variety of options to pursue various professional streams or higher studies. It is the perfect stepping stone for students who are eyeing enrolment in prestigious MBA programs in India and overseas.

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Not just that BBA program also adds to boost the popularity of management training programs further. The three-year BBA program grooms a student for serious academic pursuits.

Internationalization of curriculum and the pedagogy has added a lot of value to these programs. The syllabus from the best business school in Delhi also curates the process as per the industry requirements. The fact that the BBA has been gaining in popularity may be a fallout of the recognition of the MBA. People want to have an early start. Tie-ups that a lot of the institute go into help it gain relevance.


Challenges to Business Education amidst the COVID-19 – Business Schools in Delhi

Business schools in Delhi

As unemployment issues rise during the pandemic, students need to consider their job security and earnings potential, before deciding which degree and career path to pursue. But, choosing the right qualification is not that simple. Various Business schools in Delhi have come with solutions for handling this widespread problem during this pandemic.

So, if you are looking for or genuinely interested in a graduate business degree or a career in business, your career is determined by a variety of factors, that also includes undergraduate education, choice of industry, and personal and professional networks. However, pursuing an MBA is not exclusively about increasing your earnings.

Among various full-time MBA students, We, at IBMR, mention the top reasons for pursuing a business degree as follows.

  • Learning new skills,
  • Accelerating career advancement, and
  • Acquiring knowledge required to manage businesses in their chosen profession.

In other words, a primary reason students want to earn an MBA is to gain an education and the skills that come with it.

Business schools in Delhi

Being the Top B Schools in Delhi NCR, We, at IBMR, concentrate on placing our students at the forefront of sustaining their businesses and driving the decisions that will get society through the pandemic, generating prosperity in the brighter days that lie ahead.

Some of the recent surveys show otherwise that value of an MBA degree will deplete. Still, these turbulent times underscore the need for talented and skilled leadership—precisely the kind of vision taught in various Business schools in Delhi classroom.

There are different specializations of MBA programs that can align with your desired career goals, work culture, location, and several other factors.

Choosing an MBA program that provides the best return on investment is crucial to attaining future success and happiness. At the Institute of Business Management and Research (IBMR), we work with prospective students to help them achieve their career goals.

Our management courses are aligned with the futuristic vision of Industries. With several unexpected developments unfolding due to the pandemic crisis, Professionals are learning new ways to do their jobs—including remote work—and some of these new practices are worth for a longer duration. Courses at IBMR are aligned similar to this requirement and uniquely tailored to add flexibility during the pandemic.

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented disruption, yet the crisis has energized our MBA students to think strategically about the issues and solve problems cooperatively. The pandemic will be the cornerstone of many classroom conversations in Business schools in Delhi as we move forward.

The world is changing, and those who want to evolve with the times are just as well served by a business degree today,  At the same time, several unique challenges are facing MBA programs nationwide and in various Business schools in Delhi.

In terms of enrolment, Business schools in Delhi have changed their overall outlook towards providing management education. At IBMR, we anticipate the necessity to spice up registration to offset any nonadmission, not happening due to the outbreak of this pandemic. In that regard, we are encouraging students to take up their MBA program from the curriculum which will best suit their interests and future goals.

IBMR has devised an overall plan that will embark on their student’s career journey as well as target all their goals in the right direction. By improving an academic institution’s technology infrastructure, funding for student support services, state-of-the-art facilities, and all the other benefits that elevate students’ experience.

Higher enrolment and exposure to a broader applicant pool also increases a business program’s chances of building a more diverse incoming class.  It enables students to grow in the context of a diverse community that prepares them to enter a global economy and helps them forge a well-rounded professional network.

Business schools in Delhi

Although the pandemic has caused concern about the vitality of graduate business programs and higher education in general, we will carry on. It’s time we show ourselves that tough times won’t affect us. Business schools in Delhi will thrive for business programs and take it up for this challenge.

Business schools in Delhi also are introducing more MBA programs that specialize in social impact and collaborate with other academic disciplines, including the increase of the MBA disciplines. Those seeking to solve public health problems will come to understand that, these challenges are as much business issues as they are medical issues, as is evident by the current pandemic’s strain on the healthcare system, for example. A business degree represents a crucial piece in the puzzle of a holistic approach to problem-solving.

Now is precisely the right time for you to pursue a graduate degree in business. Don’t hesitate, once these tough times are over, You can still take your career your career to newer heights. IBMR is one of the top names among Business Schools in Delhi and will continue its struggle to build futuristic careers for its students.