What should be the Role of a Faculty in Top Business School?

Like any industry, top Business School is also a tortuous setup, where there are hundreds of professionals working passionately to keep the institution running which may include the director, advisers, administrators, counsellor, accountants, librarians and many more professionals who work for the progress of the institution. Faculty help keeps the institution running not only by teaching the students, but also by acting as motivator and innovators, contributing to various workloads like approving new curriculum, developing academic calender, managing student grievances, and ensuring the excellent educational experience for every student.

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Faculty in a Top Business School of Delhi

Students see professors in the Best Business School every day and hopefully, take advantage of their knowledge and experience.  The professors spend their time not only preparing for classes, giving the lectures, grading the students, checking assignments or mentoring students, but also give their time for original research work Many of the professors and faculty members of Best Business School are actively involved in research projects and creative work.

In the present era where information is freely accessible through the internet, the teaching methodology should result in a progressive adaptation of the teacher’s role, and focus less on the transmission of knowledge, and more on how to do use that knowledge. When students are taking a class from a faculty, they should be assured that their teaching way is influenced by research and innovative work.  At any Best Business School, teaching and research get together, complementing and abetting each other in an integral manner.

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top Business School uses a variety of teaching techniques like simulations, case studies, role-plays, debates, and group discussion, besides providing industrial visits and workshops for students. Advances in technology facilitate these teaching methods, but the role of the competent faculty remains absolutely crucial.

Professors of top Business School are dynamic contributors outside of the institution as well.  They may be editing academic journals, attending and organizing regional, national, or international seminars and conferences, serving as mentors to other scholars or PhD students, editing or authoring a textbook.  In the classrooms, faculty guide many students from all over the country in case study discussions, live projects that challenge, and motivate the students. Best Business School faculty dedicates many hours of groundwork that includes individual case review, penning notes and teaching plans, preparing the presentations. However, teaching student’s takes the topmost priority over any other obligation including research, PDP, consulting or any another administrative duty. Faculty commitment is motivated by its reward.

The faculty at a Best Business School is a pioneer in the study of evolving organizations and industries; they are leaders who have managed prestigious organizations; they are entrepreneurs whose creativity has generated massive opportunities for students, they are mentors who transform students into professionals, competent in managing and leading organizations.