In easy words, Social Media Monitoring is the process of using a mechanism to hear what is being said, discussed & published across the internet, i.e. keeping an eye on  media not just from traditional publishers, but on billions of social sites too for find out that which are the best Colleges in Gurgaon.

It sometimes also goes by the name of, or is bundled with, Social Listening, Online Analytics, Buzz Analysis, Social Media Measurement, Social Media Intelligence, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing etc.

But how do social media monitoring tools work?

Of course, the answer above is very basic. In actuality, it’s a bit more complex.

Most monitoring tools work by observing different sites continuously and indexing them. Some are monitored  in real time, such as Instagram, Facebook etc. Other sites might be referred less often – say, every 8-10 minutes, or every day, if they are less important.

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Once all those sites are found, they can then be searched. Most methods included for this purpose are some form of queries, or search captions, that the user writes to find some specific words and phrases on those documents. It will then bring these back into the tool’s interface, which can then be referred & changed as & when required.

Once you have the required data you can undertake analysis, studies & experiments and finally using all these insights reach Social Business Intelligence to know your customers better and improve your Company’s Strategy.

Today’s students are used to communicating and sharing their experiences on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which is why colleges and universities have The social media networks have become a fantastic tool to convert applicants to newcomers, interact with the students, promote programs and courses, and stay connected with the alumni. 

Still, this requires a lot of work. Universities that want to build a successful social media strategy have to keep track of social media engagements and analyze social media data and analytics. 

Attracting Top Students and Staying Connected with Alumni

Top students are a real value of a university brand. However, universities have to compete with each other to attract and reach potential candidates on time. Social media monitoring brings a huge help on the way, by detecting which social media channels prospective students use the most.

On the other hand, the university campus is not a place just for learning, but for building friendship, loyalty, and commitment of alumni, too. All of this can become a powerful tool for running a successful marketing campaign, raising brand awareness, or opening fundraising opportunities. However, to achieve that, universities have to stay connected with students even after they receive their degrees.

By using social media monitoring tools, they can detect which platforms are the best for targeting alums, which helps to connect with them more easily and quickly.

Building a Top-notch Reputation and Brand Image

The most prestigious Colleges in Gurgaon with a sterling reputation like Harvard University for example can use social media monitoring to keep track of everything said, written, and posted about their brand online. That way, they can recognize a potential lack or disadvantage before it becomes a problem, react instantly and keep their brand image intact. The social media monitoring tools can successfully analyze not only posts and comments but insulting or unflattering photos, as well.

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Defining Strengths and Weaknesses

Social media monitoring can also help in targeting new international students. By analyzing social media content, universities can detect the level of brand awareness in a specific country, which makes targeting much more manageable.

If the university decides to promote its programs, it’s necessary to know what current students think and say about them. The social media networks are the best place to find it out. By analyzing their posts and content shared with friends and colleagues, universities can easily spot their strengths and weaknesses. It is also beneficial for promoting extracurricular activities or to compare with competitors.

Creating Better Student Experience

Universities can easily take advantage of this communication trend to offer much-needed support and create a better student experience. Social media monitoring enables detecting the most common topics among the students and answering all their queries at the right place and at the right time. That way, students become more informed and involved in different aspects of college life. At the same time, by using social media monitoring tools, universities can easily spot up-to-date topics and use them to promote their clubs, research, sports, or any other aspect of campus life.

Crises and Risk Management

One of the main rules of proper PR management is to foresee the potentially harmful situation before it becomes a problem. Social media monitoring is one of the best ways to achieve that in Colleges in Gurgaon