Why and How to Take Part in BBA Direct Admissions During the COVID-19

The Bachelor of Business Administration, an aspirational degree in India, has become a more attractive proposition for students. Top business schools in Delhi and various other new-age universities, in particular, are changing the way the course is structured. Like any other sector in the economy, Covid-19 is disrupting the higher education sector too. Various business school in Delhi have taken their classes entirely online to develop online resources. The education sector has been prominently affected due to the movement restrictions enforced by the lockdown. In this situation, it is normal for the students to be concerned about their admission to business school in Delhi. In this article, we talk about the solution to seek admittance to Top B School in Delhi NCR in the persisting issues.

What is the procedure for the BBA Admission process in 2020?

The admittance process of most of the b schools in Delhi is generally similar except for the way they conduct their entrance exams. It usually includes Writing testability / personal interviews and group discussions. Not just that, you can check the online website of the Top B School in Delhi NCR to get a better idea about their admission process. At IBMR, you need to complete a short survey about why you want to pursue the BBA degree and the admission team will get back to you in several days with all the details regarding the admission process ready. It is very imperative that you-

  • Research about the Top B School in Delhi NCR during the Cornovirus pandemic to help you solve queries about the admission process.
  • File the required business school in Delhi admission application form to ensure your seat.
  • Appear for the entrance exams of the b schools in Delhi during the pandemic. While most colleges have taken down their process online, you must appear for the exams.

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Why the BBA Course in COVID-19 gaining importance?

BBA courses offered in the business school in Delhi are designed in the way which makes it more interesting. Additionally, BBA courses are intended as shorter versions of MBAs in India. In the current economy and the opportunities, it presents, more students have become inclined to take the course. For instance, there’s the Institute of Business Management & Research; we serve a three- year full-time course being the best business school in Delhi. Our curriculum aims at building future professionals rather than mere degree holders. The BBA program offered at our business school in Delhi develops the student’s intellectual ability, executive personality, and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of business and general education. We create a competitive edge over others as it will provide students with an international interface.

This course integration enables the BBA degree to help students gain the knowledge and experience required to make a positive impact in the world of business.

We, at IBMR, combine business with the BBA program in such a way that helps the students explore today’s challenging social and economic issues, taking learning beyond the classroom, learning leadership and teamwork through group projects and leadership ventures.” We are one among the graduate school in Delhi, which has attempted from the outset to align the BBA program with the contemporary professional world. Students learn through their time spent on hands-on learning through workshops, live projects, and industry internships.

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IBMR works on shifting the focus from knowledge to critical skills like creative and complex decision making, analytical skills, global social skills, real-world skills, and effective communication. Students are introduced to areas like business analytics, design thinking, critical reasoning, and system thinking, etc., which are typically part of an MBA student’s curriculum. Not only that, but we also aim to be the top business school in Delhi which allows the students to speed in the latest developments in the space of finance and accounting through our curriculum. For most students, BBA as a course offers a variety of options to pursue various professional streams or higher studies. It is the perfect stepping stone for students who are eyeing enrolment in prestigious MBA programs in India and overseas.

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Not just that BBA program also adds to boost the popularity of management training programs further. The three-year BBA program grooms a student for serious academic pursuits.

Internationalization of curriculum and the pedagogy has added a lot of value to these programs. The syllabus from the best business school in Delhi also curates the process as per the industry requirements. The fact that the BBA has been gaining in popularity may be a fallout of the recognition of the MBA. People want to have an early start. Tie-ups that a lot of the institute go into help it gain relevance.