Competition at IIM Indore

The catalyst for this momentous day was the rich and active participation of the 2022-2024 batch of IBMR students in the Business Idea Presentation event. These students dared to think outside the box and pushed boundaries with their cognitive abilities, which were constantly shaped and reshaped by the unwavering support of the IBMR faculty.

Through an extremely rigorous selection process, a group of 10 students seized the opportunity and advanced to the highly competitive round of the event held at IIM Indore. Their exemplary participation and performance reaffirmed and solidified IBMR’s core belief: to seek excellence, not just momentary success.

This event is one of the many opportunities that IBMR promotes to help students discover, enable, and enhance their latent managerial skills. The institute is committed to continuing this pursuit of excellence by organizing more such events that enable students to apply their theoretical knowledge. Even more, these events encourage students to create their knowledge through understanding, interpretation, and comprehension.

In this way, IBMR continues to foster an environment where students are not only learners but also innovators and leaders, prepared to excel in the dynamic world of business.