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IBMR Group of Institutions was established in 1999 with a vision of becoming the center of excellence for management education in India. Within a short span of time, IBMR has assumed a credible position among most progressing professional educational institutions of the country.

At IBMR Group of Institutions we aim to provide best education and training that is well-rounded and which not only improves practical know-how, upgrades skills and leads to professional qualifications but also, translates into better career prospects for students and enhanced productivity for employers. We expect to assist each and every student to translate his/her skills and qualifications into a well-paying job via a placement programme.

IBMR Group of Institutions is situated in Gurgaon, Delhi (NCR) and Jhajjar (near Gurgaon) which has
emerged as the corporate hub of India with the presence of top- notch MNCs. This geographical advantage gives us ample scope for industryacademia partnership, thereby leading to abundant placement opportunities for our students.

Netaji Subhash College of Education

IBMR Business School

St. Thomas Management Institute


Dr. Nandini


Ms. Anusha


Mr. Ajay Mishra


Dr. S. P. Batra

BE (Mechanical) MBA. Ph.D

Ms. Seema


Mr. Bhabani Prasad Misra

IAS – Batch 1969


At IBMR Group of Institutions, we dedicate ourselves to provide aspiring achievers a fertile soil and nurturing environment for growth. Our tradition of excellence rests on the tested tripod of a business-relevant curriculum, highly qualified faculty and a learner centric infrastructure.

Here, the emphasis is placed on inculcating ethical values sensitivity to environment and strong leadership skills to mould young minds towards becoming visionary leaders, pioneers and trailblazers to the industry who are capable of operating in globally competitive environments.

IBMR Group of Institutions founding mission was to make a perfect blend of excellent pedagogy, student overall development and corporate networking in placements. To fulfill this mission IBMR Group of Institutions was created with state-of-the- art infrastructure and is located in Gurgaon, the corporate hub of India. With phenomenal growth in recent years Gurgaon is a success story with excellent physical and social infrastructure that has made this a destination of many industries and corporates. IBMR Group of Institutions was conceptualized in the city of Gurgaon to capitalize upon the emerging opportunities for the aspiring youth of the country. The institute represents a convergence of the finest elements in contemporary education today. The institute has thoughtfully tailored courses and programmes to consistently meet the needs of India’s rapidly evolving industry and corporate sector and in its wake brought a bouquet of meaningful career options for thousands of aspiring students across the country. IBMR Group of Institutions thoughtfully structured training modules are designed to address the requirements of the industry perfectly and groom students to face tomorrows’ business universe with confidence. At IBMR Group of Institutions, the focus goes beyond education. IBMR Group of Institutions endeavours to prepare students for life – ingraining in them the psyche of the eternal student-the student who is ever a learner, driven by a thirst for knowledge ;a passion to excel and ignited with the desire to achieve success… not just a temporal success but one that is for life.

Foreign Language Training

IBMR Group of Institutions students are required to address the demand for language-sensitive work overseas and their adaptability increases as an outcome of foreign language study.

Teaching Pedagogy

At IBMR Group of Institutions, faculty and students work together to create a supercharged intellectual community, the result of which is a learning environment that stretches students’ minds and broadens their perspectives

ERP-SAP Training With Specialization Modules

It bridges the gap between the skills of MBA graduates and those required by industry. The training of business process integration concepts and ERP software has proved as a milestone and is expected to increase the employability of the students in the future.

Advance Certificate in Management By Indian Institute of
Management - Calcutta

On the basis of an in-house MERIT TEST during the tenure of the MBA Course, meritorious students are selected for this coveted CERTIFICATION FROM IIM-C.

Training and Exposure

IBMR Group of Institutions acts as an interface providing students ample opportunities to participate in various seminars, exhibitions & management festivals, to enable them to get a hands on experience about culture and working of different organizations.

Live Projects

It's a firsthand corporate knowledge for students. A live project means giving students a platform where they can implement their theoretical knowledge, innovative & unique idea and can get the benefit of the exposure in the form of rich experiences.


Mentorship programme is a very unique and innovative effort of IBMR to reach to students individually with one dedicated member of faculty exclusively assigned to him / her.

Annual Management Festival "CONCOCTION"

Concoction, the annual festival organized and managed by students bringing together many management students from various colleges across India in high competition spirit.

World Vision

Through activities like Business News analysis, C.N.B.C. live on T.V., we empower our students with world vision and their news analysis. Through these kind of activities here students gets an edge over others as they are always updated with current affairs,financial markets and competitive environment.

Ice Breaking Session

An ice breaking session is well designed and well facilitated and it really helps get things off to a great start.In order to make sure that the students from diversified backgrounds bond quickly, an ice breaking session is organized for the first year students. Interactive and often fun sessions are organized before the main proceedings.

Corporate Lectures

Eminent and successful professionals, trainers and consultants visit the institute to enlighten the students with their knowledge and experience. These lectures help our students in becoming successful professionals by imbibing skills from the practicing management experts.

Festival Celebrations

IBMR Group of Institutions implements and promotes cultural and religious harmony amongst students through various festivities such as celebration of festivals of various communities, cultural events and annual day celebrations, to mention only a few.

Orientation Programme

In the beginning of the academic session an orientation programme is conducted for first year students with the aim to groom and motivate the entrants to be good management professionals.

Management Clubs

Managing and participating in a the wide range of clubs and associations can make student's time more memorable and nowledgeable. We have Marketing Club Vipanan, Newsletter Committee-Vyakt, Human Resource Club-Aadhar, Finance Club-Vittiy, IT Club-Abhiyog, Cultural Club-Sanskriti.

Leadership Camps

A specially designed outbound programme which prepares students to manage, lead and succeed in the increasingly competitive global business environment.
Academic Assosiation

National Council for Teacher Education, New Delhi

The National Council for Teacher Education, in its previous status since 1973, was an advisory body for the Central and State Governments on all matters
pertaining to teacher education, with its Secretariat in the Department of Teacher Education of the National Council of Educational Research and
Training (NCERT). IBMR Group constitute college Netaji Subhash College of Education
(Approved by NCTE) and affiliated to Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak to offer B.Ed. course.

Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak

Maharshi Dayanand University is State Government University established as Rohtak University, Rohtak, came into existence by an Act No. 25 of 1975
of the Haryana Legislative Assembly in 1976 with the objective to promote inter-disciplinary higher education and research in the fields of environmental, ecological and life sciences. It was rechristened as Maharshi Dayanand University in 1977 after the name of a great visionary and social
reformer, Maharshi Dayanand. IBMR Group constitute college St. Thomas Management Institute which is affiliated and duly approved by State Government University, MDU Rohtak.

All India Council For Technical Education, New Delhi

AICTE has been in existence since 1945 as a national level apex body with its mission of developing and promoting quality technical education in the country. AICTE has initiated necessary steps for planning, formulation and maintenance of norms and standards, accreditation, funding of priority areas, monitoring and evaluation of courses/programmes in the field of technical education to ensure coordinated and integrated development of technical education in the Country. IBMR Group Constitute college which is AICTE approved to offer PGDM, MBA and various other programs.

Knowledge Partners
IAE Business Graduate Institute, Grenoble
Public Relations Council of India
Alliance Francaise
Institute of Management Consultant of India
Staffordshire University
L'universite Montesquieu bordeaux IV
Executive Recruiters Association of india
Maharshi Dayanand University
SAP Education Partner
Chairman's Message

Pawan Jain
IBMR Delhi NCR Campus

Welcome to IBMR, Delhi NCR- one of the finest Business Schools in the Region !

More than ever before, the world demands managers and business leaders who can lead business to the forefront of the world economy, or those who can steer global business to succeed. The infrastructure and the faculty at IBMR Delhi NCR, and with its focus in providing global management thought leadership and deep insights, the institution prepares students for that role, giving them that critical edge for success.

IBMR as a Business School has established itself as a quality business school. Delivering a learning experience that is rigorous, relevant and rewarding. Our role is to challenge and inspire students, and ultimately enabling them to achieve their potential for both personal and professional growth. Today we continue to attract a great diversity of students who have drive, confidence and a burning desire to advance the progress of business and society.

Indeed, IBMR Delhi NCR has all the marketing of an exciting place to study and grow. The thrust for excellence and the will to sustain the momentum has been made possible through the dedication and talent of our faculty and staff, the high quality of our students, and the achievement of our alumni. We assure you of the best in our attempt in developing global managers of the future.